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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Happy New Year!!

One of my New Year resolutions intentions was to get back into writing on my blog and posting my experiences that will hopefully help mamas.

So I wanted to start with how life has been with two kiddos. Luckily Piper, my newborn, is my easiest babe right now. She is a much better sleeper than Peyton was and is starting to self soothe already. Which brings me to my first tip for new or expecting moms...

#Be a Second Time Mom, the First Time Around

This is mostly for my first time mommies but I think we can a chill when it comes to certain things. I literally have become that mom on the commercial where they show the first time mom with ALLL the gadgets and more (because you "need them" I know trust me) to the second time mom running out the door with a couple diapers/wipes and some cheerios lol. Some babies are just going to be harder than others but I also believe that you can help yourself out a lot more than you think. I'm not as scared of the world with my second, ie: using plastic coverings to stick on the table before your baby eats. With Peyton I would stress out if she dropped her binkie (which she did a lot because she hated binkies) and I would rush to grab a special "toy/paci wipe". As well as I would stress out every time she cried and thought I couldn't take a shower because I didn't want to put her down without someone right there to watch her. I soon figured out to bring her in the bathroom with me in her bassinet and I knew I had a good 2-3 minutes before she started fussing and another minute or so until she started crying. Peyton was high maintenance you could say but do you think we kind of do it to ourselves?? In my case I was a standard new mom who was scared and stressed about the possibility or sound of my daughter crying! The hormones don’t help at all either.

With the second child, I don't have a choice when it comes to letting my newborn cry for a minute because I have to take care of my oldest as well. This has made me less stressed to hear the sound of her cry, don't get me wrong I don't like to hear it, but I know it's ok. Now I'm not saying to let your baby cry but I guess what I'm saying is it is OK to finish up what you're doing and let her fuss for a little. I’m a lot more easy going when it comes to things out of my control, less stressed out and have taken ownership that I will always run behind when I have both kiddos in tow. This brings me to my next topic.

#Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

I can’t remember where I heard this but it was genius and so true. Being a mom of multiple kiddos it is so hard to get them ready and then feel like putting yourself together the way you would like too. I swear I’ve gone to the market so many times now with absolutely NO makeup (and no hat because I forgot I had no makeup), undone hair, sweats and a sweatshirt with my “outdoor”  slippers, while my kids are put together. Not gonna lie I'm OCD so I have to have certain things done and everything (mostly) clean before I leave the house so it makes it really hard to leave the house before 10:30-11 these days. This is without putting myself totally together too! I'm trying to get ready first though, it's a challenge since I would rather be doing other things. Prioritizing yourself is a huge problem with most mommies but so needed!

#Always Remind Yourself It Will Get Easier

Mom guilt is on a whole different level with two, they really weren't kidding. I didn't understand it at first but as soon as you start really getting into being a mom of two you start to feel it. Guilty that my child is only eating four things that I shuffle through for every meal ( she is also really picky) because I don't have time to start trying out new things and risking her not eating it. Guilty that she knows how to work my phone better than and now says its hers! Guilty that every time she wants a hug I seem to be holding baby sissy so I try to put her down for a minute just to be there. Guilty that she is still in diapers and I can't get to changing her as fast as I normally do, we need to potty train asap. Guilty that mommy and daddy don't read her as many books (maybe two short ones if she's lucky) at night because we are too exhausted and baby sissy is a handful at night. Honestly I can go on and on because then there is wife guilt of not being able to be the same wife as I was before ( making cooked meals at least 3 times a week) because it's too hard to go to the market as much and our kids need me more. I know all of this will get better and it will be more of an organized chaos, so the only thing I can do is to remind myself (and my hubby) that it will get easier eventually and that we are doing the best we can right now. The kids are happy so I try to focus on that! Easier said than done but trust that EVERY mom is having those same moments of feeling like they could/should be doing more.

I know there is more but if I wait to remember them, I'll never post! So I'm hoping to do this more as I go or figure out new things.

I wasn't going to have New Year Resolutions but a good friend of my mentioned setting intentions every month and I LOVE that. What is that saying that it takes 21 days to stop a habit and 21 days to implement something new? I've always remembered that so that is what I am doing. My intention for this month is setting certain days to work on my blog and hopefully it will become habit! So mommies, try doing this too! Whether your intention is cooking two meals a week this month or working out two days a week this month, it seems a lot more do able when broken down to that month and go from there.

Hope this helps some of you!

The Final Few Months Bumpdate

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Hey ladies...

So I skipped some months because it went by too fast but I still wanted to try to keep up with these so Piper and I can look back on them someday. I gotta start off by saying WHOA is there a huge difference between the way my body has reacted to 7 months versus 8-9 months, my body aches everywhere! I have a disc bulge in my lower back from a car accident a long time ago and let me tell you, it has flamed up my sciatica bad. Second or more pregnancies are no joke when they say everything is more intense lol. At 8 months I wore a dress that I wore to a wedding two years ago when I was pregnant with Peyton and I was 10 months exactly....welllll let's just say it was very tight and I didn't want to risk sitting down and popping a button!

It's been really busy over here with starting my photography business Lorin Kelly Photography and feeling extremely pregnant at the same as chasing around my terrible two'er. Every day at nap time I fight with myself on whether I want to work on photo edits or sleeeeeep!! Sometimes I don't have a choice and start falling asleep while editing 😏

Anywho, Can I just say my favorite part of these posts are the mother daughter pix and I have plenty from the last few months!

We'll start with a few of my favorite 28 weeks pictures!

- 32 Weeks -

- 38 Weeks -

- Growing -

Can we talk about the difference in size between Piper (above) at 39 weeks and Peyton (below) at 40 weeks?! Cause dannnnnng!!

How Far Along? 

38 weeks 5 Days 

Total Weight Gain?   

Right now I am at 21 lbs gained, passing my last pregnancy which was 16 lbs total gained. Yes I know that's still not a lot, I don't know why but I'm not asking questions!

Baby Brain? 

I keep telling my husband I have the memory of a goldfish and the bladder of a gerbil, so yes all the time. My most recent one, that I can remember, was when we were at a restaurant and I got a two taco combo. After finishing one of the tacos, which takes awhile when you are simultaneously feeding your child pasta because she will be covered in it if I don't, I went to reach for the other one and it was gone. So I'm obviously irritated as I ask my husband if he just really ate my taco?! He looked at me and said "you are joking right?" Which I still didn't catch on and proceeded with "What? did I say you could and I don't remember?!". Yaaaaa, no apparently I ate it. I'm still skeptical because I really just don't remember eating it and I was still hungry! lol


Whelp, I started having that feeling of guilt that everyone was talking about. Especially last night when I am pretty much finished with Pipers nursery and I realize I will never have this mother child love for just Peyton again, she will have to share me, that's so sad! But I also know I really am not taking or reducing my love, if anything I'm giving her, and I, more to love.

That feeling of guilt started a couple months ago, I started feeling so giddy about having another tiny fragile little baby in my arms soon. That's when it hit me, I was too excited about this new little baby, what does that mean?? what about Peyton? You start feeling guilty about being so excited for another child as if the one you have isn't good enough. Needless to say I cried and had to remind myself that it will all be so special....a new baby...a new big sister...a new family in a sense. So if you haven't had that feeling yet, I'm sure you will, you just have to wait for it to really hit you that your family is growing. Man, I hope I can handle it!

Baby Movement? 

So I thought Piper was a lot more chill then Peyton because she didn't move as much and had a much lower heartbeat (136 consistently and most recently 126!). I was wrong, come 8 months she just wanted to take off. I think the main difference between the both of them is that Peyton moved fast and aggressively. Whereas Piper moves slower but takes more time and moves for longer periods of time! It actually hurts now! If you've seen my IG story you will know what I mean.

Best Moment This Week? 

For me they all have to do with Peyton, the way she will just come up and say "Pipe-arrrr" while pushing on my belly is making my day these days. Or when she runs into Pipers nursery and says "baby sissy's room". 

Oh oh I got it, a heart fuzzy moment is when I was putting Peyton to sleep and I always tell her " I love you as high as the moon" because she is obsessed with saying she wants to go as high as the moon. Except this time she responded with " i love you mama". ahhhh, so special.
Sneak Peak of our family shoot with the amazing Natalie Schutt 💕

Be that Bridezilla, Please!

Friday, September 15, 2017
This post is for my future brides to be and coming from someone who purposely tried to take a more lax approach to my wedding planning, my biggest tip is BE A BRIDEZILLA! At the end of the day you have a vision and no one can see it as well as you. It's your job to make sure that everyone is aware of what you want and don't want as well as what your priorities are. Double check everything yourself unless you trust your coordinator to do so. So here it is...my tips for your day (because lets face it, it is!)

Bridal Party: 

- They say to pick the people that have been in your life the longest, or that you see being in your life for the next 10 years or more. The people that you can't see NOT having up there with you, which turned out to be a lot for me! But also it is wise to think about how much they are a part of your life, if you have any sort of reservations about any of them and where their priorities are when it comes to your wedding and bridal duties, it's better to have them just attend as guests. You don't need the stress and this was some of the best advice I got from my coordinator. You must also be considerate if you know they are having a hard time, not everyone can afford the expenses that come from being in the bridal party because they add up fast!! So basically just take your time when deciding, no need to rush! Ok...may be a little

- I didn't have anything particular when it came to hair but if you do care about the over all look with your bridesmaids just make sure they know not to do anything drastic ie: dye their hair purple or chop it all off.

- Nails, I did make sure they all had nudes or neutrals so nothing stood out in pictures too much. Remember that the goal is to make sure that in pictures or videos that YOU stand out, so it is not too much to ask. They will understand!

- Make sure they know they have to all SMILE when they are standing up there with you! and if they are not smiling to just look over in your direction at least and try not to look bored lol. It's hard when you have a lot of bridesmaids/groomsmen but they are on video and in photos the whole time so I doubt they want to be the one looking miserable! Hopefully the coordinator can remind them of this before they walk down the aisle as well.

Makeup by Tiffany Briggs // The Makeup Artistry

-Obviously always do a makeup trial and take pictures after to see what it looks like on camera! It's great if you just coordinate the makeup trial day with your engagement photos. Also, make sure to have pictures of inspiration for the artist to go off of.

- Have a small purse!! You can always have the coordinator hold on to it for you. I didn't so I had no where to carry powder, undereye concealer, chapstick, lipstick, liner or my phone (yes I wish I had my phone to take little candid pix here and there). I needed ALL of these at some point and wish I brought them because it's a long day of emotions and especially if it's raining like it was for mine, you're gonna need the extra love!


Photography by Natalie Schutt // Natalie Schutt Photography

-Make a shot list for your photographer ( I forgot to finish mine!) so you know you have everything covered and you don't have to sound like the bridezilla asking everyone to stay for one on ones and all types of family pix. (very important if you have bad weather because it will be cold and you will feel rushed.)

- Let your photographer know what kind of shots you want and of who... for example if you want them to follow you around to the tables and take pictures of you with the guests or take pictures of the family tables or friends even if you're not with them etc. Don't be afraid to send photo examples or have 5-6 of your favorites to send her before the wedding of specific shots you love. My photographer has shot with me many times so she knew what I wanted and thankfully this was 1 area I didn't need to stress! I did, however, forget to walk around and take pictures with my friends and family :( SO much going on so have your photog remind you if this is important because you will forget!

- To first look or not to first look, It really is obviously up to you but sometimes things don't go the way you planned. For my wedding it was sprinkling all day and was suppose to start raining at 3pm or so which meant the possibility of no pictures after the ceremony (Even though I know my photog and I are always down for some rainy pictures!). Thinking back on it, although seeing him for the first time privately really was special, I still wish I would've just waited as I originally wanted. So stick with what you've always dreamed of doing and that applies to all aspects of your wedding. Oh and don't forget to do a first look with your DAD!!!


Videography by Tanner Dunn // The FRVR

Click Here to watch the full Wedding Video on my blog post

- First make sure if you are or are not getting the raw footage (I did and it's so nice to have those) but if you are not, ask them if they can at least record the full speeches or the full father daughter dance etc...because those you want to cherish and not just have little snippets of.

- Most people wouldn't think about this but make a shot list or a list of clips you for sure want in your video or footage you want in general. For example, think about the entire day and list a couple things you want to see. For me I wanted clips of my mom and bridesmaids helping me get ready, Rod getting ready, First look with future hubby and/or dad, Sparkler fun, the important dances of the night etc...most is common sense but you'd be surprised. Be safe and at least throughly check the past work and let them know what style you like. I think the one thing I told my videographer (besides song choices) was that I LOVE the look of heartfelt songs paired with fun clips of laughing or smiling. You can see what I mean in my video from the last post. Lastly, this goes along with what style of video you want but let them know whether or not you want talking in your video like hearing pieces of your vows etc. I'm not a fan of interrupting a beautiful song with the sound of my own voice haha so I opted to say no. :)


- You have your vision and you do the best to show them what you want without seeing it first hand so this is where you need to be the MOST specific even down to how much of a particular flower you want in your bouquet. Show them LOTS of inspo pictures!! They also often improvise if they didn't get a certain leaf or flower in so make sure to tell them what you absolutely don't want to replace it if they have too and whether you want them to let you know. They usually make your bouquet the night before so make sure they send you a picture so you can have them make any changes ahead of time. In my case there were a couple things I wish she would've told me before hand and she did have to make some changes to my bouquet once I got to our venue but I would've rather not dealt with that in that moment. Overall everything turned out beautiful but I definitely should've just re-confirmed everything (flowers, colors of flowers, the types of leaves etc) the week of.


- Please make a list of songs, even if they have a detailed website trying to narrow down the style you like, make one anyway of as many as you want. Minimum of 10.

- Pick your last two songs of the night to end with...It really makes the end of the night feel so much better. I picked Grease "Your the One That I Want" as my second to last song and Dirty Dancing "The Time of My Life" as my last song of the night!! SO fun!! I was very intoxicated...ok actually like EXTREMELY intoxicated but I do remember these two songs and my amazing sister in law letting me run to her as she lifted me up and spun me around Dirty Dancing style! haha! One of the best parts of the night for sure.

- Make sure he knows that (if you allow it) if someone requests a song, to play it when it fits into the night. Blend! Unless of course its you or the groom asking for it lol I know I had many drunken requests for my poor DJ.


- Make sure you vibe and she/he really see your vision, they may not agree but make sure they know to not pressure you. They have to know your budget and stick with it.

- I really appreciated when my coordinator took my wedding book and passed it around the room while they were eating so everyone could comment and sign it. Just something to let your coordinator know you want if they don't already know.

- Double check if they save you a box with some desserts and a slice of your cake. (Mine didn't and it really was such a bummer because I didn't think about it) Upside is I know where the shop is and I willlll be going to get the same cake for an anniversary someday. I used The French Confection Co. in LA and they were soooo good, speaking from the tastings anyway!

Last but not least, remember to stop and soak up different moments of the day. I made sure to look at everyone as I was walking down the aisle, just don't forget to look at your husband first! This day will go by so fast and no matter what doesn't go the way you planned, it will be a day to remember! I LOVED my wedding, I will never forget getting ready, singing "going to the chapel" on the way to the venue with all my bridesmaids, our pastor's words and connection to our family (since he's known rod since he was a kid), the speeches, Pey playing in the sand in our pictures, cake shoved in my face, the father daughter dance and our first dance but most of all having everyone that was their to make it so special.

Oh and if I forgot anything, please comment so others can learn from your tips as well!

The MaliBrew Wedding | 11.20.16

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
It's finally happened!! I finally finished my blog about my wedding! I don't know why I've been procrastinating so much, oh wait ya because since then we've had a honeymoon, birthday, pregnancy, gender reveal party and now I'm just plain lazy at almost 30 weeks prego lol. Seriously though, sitting at a computer for a long time is super uncomfortable these days so I had to do it little by little. But I just had to share my wedding details, give tips and gush a little bit but more than anything share my favorite parts and pictures of the day!

First things first, for our wedding website I used Appycouple, which I loved because it was clean and easy to set-up.

We also decided to get an airbnb in Malibu to hold all of our immediate families (15 people) and it worked out perfectly!! The house was beautiful and provided great lighting. Rod and I also didn't get super traditional, we stayed together the night before with our Daughter and started the day together until the makeup team arrived.

The morning of the wedding I woke up wayyy to early to watch the sunrise and was planning to go back to sleep for a couple hours but then everyone started waking up! Even on my wedding day I'm not gonna be able to get rid of the mommy bags. 
Once everyone was up the makeup and hair started at 8am since the forecast showed it raining after 3pm and we would now have to do a first look if I wanted to get any pictures. Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the pictures! 
We finally arrived at the venue I think at 2ish because obviously we ran late and the limo was at the wrong address 20 minutes north! I have to say that I was super calm about everything and even my best friend said "who are you?" haha. On the day of I think you've done all you can to make everything how you want so really you have to shrug everything off as best you can and no more stress, I mean it was RAINING at my wedding!

Dress by Pronovias

The limo arrived and we passed all the men taking pictures and it was really hard not to look at my groom. Especially when his sisters were getting teary eyed over how handsome he looked! When I got out of the limo he was already set up on the cliff waiting for me and I was instantly filled with so many emotions and tears. I remember looking back at my bridesmaids and saying "oh my god!". He was my picture perfect knight in shining armor. I will always remember those feelings because I took a mental snapshot so I wouldn't forget.

Finishing the first look pictures and waiting in the restaurant for my que to start walking towards my Dad, I was super anxious. Anxious to walk down the aisle, anxious to see all of our close friends and family smiling, anxious to hurry up and be married to this man already!!

As I started walking I could hear my friend Tiffany Dunn and her friend singing our mashup song by Straight No Chaser called "I'm Yours/ Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and I've seriously been waiting to hear this song down the aisle since 2010! When I got closer to Rod, seeing him wipe his tears pretty much made my day, is that bad?? I really was hoping that he would be emotional because he very rarely is so it meant that much more!

After our pastor, who has known Rod since he was little,  gave a PERFECT heartwarming message, we were announced as Husband and Wife. Again, being very passionate about music, I clearly can remember going back down the aisle to Clean Bandit "Rather Be", which is a song that will always remind me of cruising down the Amalfi Coast in our little Fiat, since that's where we heard it for the first time. Needless to say, all of our songs we picked had a lot of thought/meaning behind them.

For the rest of the night and through all of the speeches I really tried to soak it in as best I could, the strings of hanging lights and pillars of candles was everything I wanted. By the end of the night I really turned into this 21 year old girl that didn't know how to drink alcohol and who didn't care about the rules!! Pretty sure I had countless Whiskey shots ( and I hate whiskey), a couple tequila shots and half a bottle of Ace that I shared with my hubs. We were the definition of lit. Anyone who knows me, knows I have four drinks and I'm wasted so I wasn't surprised when I woke up on the couch (husband in our room) and couldn't remember anything past getting into the limo while it was pouring rain 😂

I do have to say that there is a hilarious video out there of my sister in law and I performing the classic scene out of Dirty Dancing when the DJ played "The time of my Life" for our last song of the night (requested by me obviously).

There were so many stand out moments from our wedding and even the things that went wrong (only I would notice) all contributed to make this day/night so memorable. My wedding had everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier with all the memories I kept and all of the ones captured by video and pictures!

Finalllllly, here is our wedding video that I'm completely obsessed with by The FRVR
Photography: Natalie Schutt

Leave a comment on here or my IG and let me know what you think!! 

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