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32 Week Bumpdate!

Monday, June 15, 2015
So I really intended on re-starting the blog earlier in my pregnancy but I didn't expect how fatigued and sick I would be in the first trimester until about 16 weeks! On top of that I had work 3-4 nights a week, a full load of classes for my PR major and we were planning our move to our house in Redondo Beach. Needless to say, I had to put this on the back burner till I could put more time into it. 

That being said I wanted to post a couple past pictures from weeks 6, 16, 20, 24 and now 32! It's really beautiful what our bodies can do and am blessed that it could happen so fast for us!

I can't believe how fast the time has gone!! Here's 32 weeks/8 months!!

I don't feel like I grew much from 28 to 32 weeks but she did seem to fill up my entire stomach instead of just the lower half! Rib kicks are fun...

How Far Along?  

32 weeks, officially 8 months!! Woooo hooo!!
Total Weight Gain?   

12 lbs, I was actually concerned about it because I'm seriously eating everything!! However, my doctor says she's measuring perfectly so that's all that matters. I think eating really small meals every two hours is working for my metabolism...I've never been a small meals person but maybe I should keep it going after the baby! 

Maternity Clothes?  

I have 1 pair of Pea in the Pod jeans and 1 pair of shorts. As well as a pair of black maternity leggings from Target. I refuse to get anything more but even those are starting to not fit anymore!!! My hips have expanded so much since I bought them, sometimes I just wear my old jeans and a long shirt so I don't have to button them ;) On another rib cage has expanded a lot as well so I opted to buy a couple nursing bras instead of bigger standard bras. I'm hoping my rib cage goes back to normal right after baby, any of you mommies experience the same?


A baby mermaid ;)


Fruit fruit fruit....I'm definitely lucky! Cherries, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, peaches and bananas...can't get enough! Oh and maybe the occasional donut and cheesecake froyo with yogurt chips and butterfinger from Yogurtland (which is definitely a craving because I ALWAYS get tart with fruit).

Miss Anything? 

Oh my goodness, soft cheeses, handcrafted cocktails and wine!! Haha granted I know your allowed to have a glass of red wine here and there but as a first time mom I think I'm just really paranoid. 

I do still feel pretty good but am really missing the feeling of my normal body and being able to hit the gym as hard as I used too (I get winded putting my clothes on!). 

Baby Brain? 

Ok so this could also go under "best moment this week" but it's only considered funny because I got lucky!!! First I didn't pay the parking meter in LA, on 3rd street, on a Sunday for over 2 hours!!!! And I got no ticket!! This is truly a rare event and complete blessing!

Second, is reallllly embarrassing and very bad. I was in such a rush at the next spot I went to that I left my keys in the ignition and car unlocked.....yaaaa I know. It's bad. Sooooo I'm getting close to losing my driving privileges haha.


To be honest I've had such a hard time with exercising my entire pregnancy. I'm normally at the gym 3-4 times a week not including Pilates and yoga sessions. Yes I know it's good for you and helps you a lot during birth but I can't get the motivation or the energy! It doesn't help that since hitting the third tri, I've started getting nauseous again,  headaches and moments of losing my breath. Fun stuff. 


The biggest symptom with the third tri is how hot I get!! All that extra blood you get is no joke, as if I didn't have a hard time sleeping already. At least I have Monty (my Python sized preg pillow haha). I also have been getting migraines and was told to take a Tylenol with a little cola which helps a ton! I went to the ER because I was concerned about high blood pressure since I had thrown up and had all the other symptoms but everything was fine. Worry wart over here!


Anxious!! I still need to organize her drawers and start putting my hospital bag together so shit's getting real!

Baby Movement? 

When is she not moving?! Peyton moves EVERY hour and has hiccups 3 times a day. Haha it's really cute. Seriously though, even my doctor says she is extremely active, the first kicks I felt from her were at 14 weeks!! Rod felt her kick at 16 weeks, and we even have a video of a crazy kick outside my stomach at 17 weeks. She's a muscle baby for sure! 

Best Moment This Week?  

The past couple weekends were both my baby showers (1 for family and 1 with my work fam) so even though I didn't expect to be soooo drained the next day, they were super fun! Another moment would be when Peyton stuck her foot so far out of my side I kinda freaked out and immediately pushed it back in lol, the movie Aliens came to mind! Haha

Looking Forward To? 

As weird as it is to say, I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding and having that skin to skin closeness. I've been dreaming about being a mom since I was a toddler, with my set of quince dolls, so I'm looking forward to every thing about being a mom!
Real Talk? 

I took a breastfeeding class (and infant CPR class), which I considered necessities. I definitely suggest these to give you more confidence and especially to know that breastfeeding should NOT hurt or your doing it wrong. It does hurt for the first little bit but you should not be in pain or have cracked nipples ( TMI sorry).
I also am not going to lie, I'm kinda bummed that we are so behind other countries when it comes to breastfeeding. I'm going to push/hope for a year of breastfeeding (with solids incorporated obviously) but don't understand why we think it's weird to breastfeed longer, I see nothing wrong with it if it's just at night before bed especially. No I'm not a mom that wants my child with teeth running up to me and pulling down my shirt but I could only see benefits of incorporating it still after a year. Anyway, no judgements either way but it's been on my mind! 

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