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36 Week Bumpdate!

Monday, July 13, 2015
Hello ladies!! I'm excited to post (I'm assuming) my last bump date! I wish I would've started the blog sooner because these are fun and I'll love looking back on them someday :) I'm just gonna warn you ahead of time, I may or may not have given a little TMI on some answers but hopefully you'll find them more comical (cuz you can relate) than here it goes! 

I like to compare to the month previous so I can see the changes....All I really see is that she has officially DROPPED. Which is awesome for her but definitely gives me the waddle swag haha.

I'm not sure if any of you feel the same...but I feel like my belly looks different on both sides. Maybe it's just the somewhat blurry vision you get in the third tri I dunno!

It's super funny to me that I can't even say that my belly button is's more so pushed out that it's become flat! haha

How Far Along?  

36 Weeks / 9 Months,  Oh mannnn!!
Total Weight Gain?   

14lbs, I still can't believe it. I think I'm just losing all my muscle since I haven't been working out really because the baby continues to measure perfectly every week! So again, as long as she's growing I'm not gonna stress and instead just feel lucky. 

Maternity Clothes?  

Yes, if you count all the maxi dresses I currently live in. Considering I don't fit into anything anymore because my hips and ribs have become too wide, I've given up on buying new maternity clothes at this stage.


A little girl ;)


Banana milkshakes have become a staple in my cravings lately, soooo good!! Other than that, still fruit and pressed juice.

Miss Anything? 

It's started! I miss being able to sleep through the night without miss Pey deciding to do a 180 in my stomach all of a sudden.


Granted pre-pregnancy I had somewhat normal dreams, these vivid dreams are currently terrifying or too real! My worst fear in life is that dinosaurs will come back to roam the earth lol *cue giggles* but seriously, dinosaurs scare the crap out of me and I've always had dreams of them chasing me since I was little. Add pregnancy to that mix and ohhhh mmmmyyyyyy gaawwwddddd, at this point I just stop running now and let the raptor eat me, it's just easier hahaha. 

My other dream that is reoccurring is when i'm putting my hand on my belly and I can feel Peyton's hand but all of a sudden she comes all the way out!! I try to push her back in but she won't go and she's too small to be out yet. Also one that she's already out and like 7 years old, meaning I missed everything and I begin to freak out! After reading up on it, I guess it's really normal to dream about seeing your child either come out to early or come out full grown.  Anyone else have crazy vivid dreams?? 

Baby Brain? 

Recently I've just decided to just start creating new words and/or renaming actual words, I can only laugh at myself! 

I also now have to keep track of when I feed the dogs because I forget if I fed them already or not! My dogs have gained sympathy weight for sure (haha) so they are on a strict diet but I'm pretty sure mommy has fed them 3 times a day recently because I couldn't remember! Oops.


Aside from short walks and scattered prenatal yoga, I'm still in my 9 month work out slump. I know I'll regret it when it comes to recovery but right now I'm not forcing anything if I don't want to do it! and you can't make me!! lol


How do you know when your in your third trimester? 

1. When you have to hold your knees to sit on the toilet
2. Waddle Waddle Waddle ( We'll call it pregnancy swag)
3. Sweating out of no where
4. THINKING you need to pee really bad when it's really a little tinkle (very unstatisfying)
5. Stretching your legs out in the morning and not being able to move because you got a massive leg cramp! ahh!
6. When the baby kicks or moves on your cervix and it feels like a poker is in your lady part! (sorry for the TMI)
7. Lastly, Popping Tums like Skittles! They have always been a staple since 2nd trimester but it's on another level now.

Only one of these things I was prepared for and that was the waddle lol. Hello Third Trimester!


Feeling really good this past month, aside from getting exhausted easily. Lately I've been going through moods of " I can conquer this birth and I am not afraid!" to " HOLY CRAP, Is it possible to just click my heels and have her appear? Don't make me do this!" Suffice it to say anxiety comes and goes about this watermelon I'm going to be pushing out!  

Baby Movement? 

She's still a little maniac and has an attitude already about when she wants to be touched and when she is getting irritated with her current position. haha This is what I get for being such a brat as a kid..

. 4am and Peyton decides she's up and wants to make sure I am too!

Best Moment This Week?  

There's been a lot of little moments, I love that she recognizes our voices completely now and will stop moving to listen to Rod (especially) or I talk to her. Than there is the simplicity of adding the carseat into our SUV, finishing organizing her dresser drawers and the BIGGEST moment is when you start packing your hospital bag. Having to pick her coming home outfit was definitely a moment for Rod and I :)

Looking Forward To? 

Hmmmmm...yup...yup...still looking forward to having a HUGE Cucumber Margarita from Javier's. Nothing to specific though ;) Also, being able to eat a normal amount of food! Since your stomach ends up right above your uterus but below your rib cage....It doesn't take much to fill me up. This really sucks sometimes when you love good food as much as I do! I literally have no room for dessert anymore :( Which I guess is a good thing...

Serious talk though, I'm excited for this life changer and am definitely ready for it. I'm also looking forward to seeing how emotional Rod is going to get over his little girl, he's a softy for his whole family of girls in his life (3 sisters, 3 nieces)!
Real Talk? 

Ok, so I'm going to say that this might be a little too much information but I just have to talk about it! I don't know maybe I'm the only one but since the end of the first trimester my lady parts have gained weight! haha well it just looks puffier, my doctor said it was normal due to blood flow and that it will never look the same, always fun to hear. Nothing sexier than a puffy lady part and national geo boobs to go along with it haha! Don't get me wrong though, I do love my pregnancy body, I can't tell you how many times I've pretended to be pregnant by sticking my tummy out just to see what it would look like. Not to burst anyones bubble but it is definitely not the same! 

Another "real talk" moment i'm having is getting into the appointments every week now to check your cervix and if the baby has dropped. Peyton has been doing a headstand since she was a little pitchfork (her legs) looking thing at 8 weeks. Needless to say, she is LOWWW and I couldn't believe it when my doctor was telling me she could feel the top of her head!! SOOO crazy! Then she asked me if I had felt it....ummmmmm noooo. Besides the fact that I can't see anything down there anymore, I feel like it's just off limit signs and caution tape down there at this point. ;)

Anyway, considering this will probably be my last bumpdate, I hope the ones I did post helped or just made you laugh! It's been quite an unexpected experience but an amazing one as well. I will miss this belly and can't wait to do it all over again LATERRR on ;)

Hope you ladies have a fabulous week!! I'm officially on maternity leave and will be away from my computer a lot more since we live in Redondo Beach but are delivering down south by our families. I'll keep posting as much as I can though!! 

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