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Sunday, July 26, 2015
Happy Sunday!! Officially 38 weeks over here! I'll be doing a mini bumpdate tomorrow because I've growns! haha. For now, I wanted to post on what I put in my own hospital bag as well as some items others put in. It can be very overwhelming and I have been a total procrastinator when it comes to packing. Although it's probably because I also have to pack a bag to stay down south with my family until she comes which could be two weeks or more! I LOVE my doctor and my hospital so it is all worth it, especially to be closer to my fam. Hopefully she'll be here soon!

So here it goes (If it's not in the pictures, it's on the list!):

Clothing (Mommy):

- go to hospital outfit
- coming home outfit
- 2 nursing tank tops (Target) or you can do nursing bras.
- sleeping bra (Target)
- Pajamas (Button up for easy breast access)
- Robe ( for walking halls or added warmth)
- Slippers (with a grip to walk halls or walk around)
- Warm socks (hospitals get cold)
- Comfy Granny panties (you don't want anything constricting your lower abdomen esp. if you had a c-section, not to mention you'll need to fit the maxi pads in too)

Clothing (Baby):

- coming home outfit
- 2 onesies (additional)
- swaddle zip up onesie (Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wrap)
- 3 beanies (just wanted options/ couldn't decide)
- 2 swaddle blankets (Aden & Anais)

Misc (Baby):

- 2 pacifiers (make sure they aren't ortho style, soothies are the most liked)
- emery board (in case of long nails)
- soft brush (cuz I know Peyton's going to have a full head!)
- Boppie or Brestfriend pillow (so you can practice breastfeeding on the pillow w/nurses there to help)
- Some hospitals/Insurance companies don't include diapers & wipes in the total cost so make sure you find out so you can bring your own!
- Some people bring their breast pump but hospitals do provide them if needed. 

Misc (Mommy):

- Prenatal Pills (you want to keep taking these as long as you are breast feeding)
- iPad/Tablet (movies, games), Phone, Phone Charger
- Copies of birth plan for nurses and doctor (if have one, mine was too simple to need a plan)
- Goodie bags for nurses (typically have 3 for you, baby and then an extra to help doctor)
- Insurance card, Drivers License & any paperwork needed
- Car seat- duh, but if you don't have it installed ahead of time, you can't take your baby home ;)
- Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, deodorant, makeup, lotion, hair tie, hair clip, makeup wipes, chapstick. (I'm not bringing shamp/cond & body wash because I heard the showers are awful and I would rather just freshen up with baby wipes. Worst case I would have someone bring some if I was in the hospital too long.)
- Flip flops (for shower if you do)
- Pads (yes diaper style because you bleed after delivery for a week to two weeks) *most hospitals provide them for you while your there*
- Nipple cream (Boobease or whichever you prefer, Lanolin I heard tends to get sticky and thick)
- Breast pads- (mine are washable cloth because I didn't want them to feel sweaty or bandaid like with the disposable. However, if you have a lot of leakage washable wouldn't be the best for absorbency) 
- Stool Softener (some need it, some don't, better safe than sorry. Pharmacy recommended Colace)
- Dermoplast ( Pain relieving spray that's safe to spray down there, they provide it at the hospital but definitely got some for at home)
- Tucks medicated wipes (last minute recommendation by a few mommies, so you can spray Dermoplast and then leave the wipes down there for continued cooling, fun stuff! Haha)
- Camera & Charger/ extra battery (if your anything like me)
- Snacks (mostly for your baby daddy since you'll be on ice chips)
- Pillows (for you and for baby daddy)
- Blanket (for baby daddy)
- Gatorade (because you get extremely dehydrated giving birth & breastfeeding)
- Lollipops (dry mouth)


- Sleep Masks (in case you only get to sleep in the afternoon)
- Baby book for foot print
- Doterra Oils & Diffuser: I know it can be super hectic so I might not use them but it was important for me to bring them just in case. I separated them into bags...
  •  Beginning or After- Diffuse Wild Orange & On Guard
  • Active Labor (5cm dilated +up)- Diffuse Balance & Serenity
  • I also brought Lavender to calm, Clary Sage to promote dilation when rubbed on pressure points, Deep Blue oil & Deep Blue Rub for back & joint pain, Past Tense because I like it.

Hope this helps!! I will be doing an update after delivery to let you ladies know what I did and didn't need, again it all depends on your hospital, circumstance and just personal preference. For all you experienced mommies, If there is something I could add or missed let me know!! 

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