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Friday, July 10, 2015
Happy Friday!! These last few weeks have gone by super fast and I keep waiting for time to slow down. I'm really trying to take time and enjoy this last month with my bump and remember moments that clearly show her personality already! 

Wanted to incorporate Little Miss Peyton's first stuffed animal into our pictures :)
Flatbreads are definitely my normal craving but Banana Milkshakes is all Peyton!
Both my pups know something is different, she loves to jump in my lap while I get ready :)
Digging a hole for me to lay in so I'm not flat on my back...standard deal at the beach lol

My entire pregnancy has been all about FRUIT with some milkshakes thrown in of course ;)

Not gonna lie...reallllly can't wait to get my cocktail on again!!!!
She's a kicker!
My second shower from the girls at work was more like a sprinkle, simple but beautiful!

Natalie Schutt Photography

In other news, I'll be 36 weeks (9 months) on Sunday!! This hopefully last bumpdate will be pretty honest because there has been way too many things going on that I have to talk about, haha. Can't wait to share!

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