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Mini Bumpdate | 38 Weeks

Monday, July 27, 2015
I've never been so excited for Monday!! Every Monday I go to my doctor now for a check up as well as to check for dilation or being effaced. I feel like she is really popping out now and every movement almost hurts and sometimes I can't help but let out an "ouch!".  That being said I wanted to do a mini- bump update just because I'm getting excited and these are fun! So here it is:

How Far Along?

38 weeks
Total Weight Gain?   

16 lbs, so I've gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks...makes me feel a litttttle more normal. Can't complain though!


A little girl ;)


PINEAPPLE!! Which really sucks considering I get acid reflux and anything acidic is the one thing you REALLY shouldn't eat. Oh well, I always have tums on stand by.


Ok, so I'm that person that always looks up her dreams and wants to know what they mean. I already knew the kinds of dreams to expect during each trimester but I thought I would get away without having THIS particularly strange dream. Basically many women in the third trimester dream about having a litter of kittens or giving birth to an animal of some sort. All this means is that you are thinking about the health of the baby and worried about any abnormalities or problems he or she may have. WELL, my dream fairy gave me nothing cute, like kittens, but decided to bless me with giving birth to a half human and half ALLIGATOR!! Sweet baby jesus... did I wake up and freak out!! lol I really hope that's it for the weird animal dreams... so weird!

Baby Brain?

The most recent is leaving the house without my shoes, getting all the way to Target, stepping out of the car and realizing...crap!


My excitement over anything automatic makes me happy!! lol I think I'm getting EXTREMELY lazy when it comes to anything unrelated to nesting. Automatic soap dispensers, automatic doors, automatic flush, automatic shoe put'er on'er and removal by baby daddy...all awesome haha.

Baby Movement? 

She's not showing signs of slowly down, last night she kept me up from 12-2am because she seemed to really love the feeling of her toes in my ribs. ugh. She's definitely not letting the tight quarters stop her from her daily/nightly dance routine.

Looking Forward To? 

Being able to sleep flamingo style again and on my back! Being able to see myself down there, I'm beyond the point of being able to pull up my belly a little to get a glance lol

Real Talk? 

My last doctor appointment (at 37 weeks), I was almost 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. For those who didn't know, like me, effacement is basically the thinning of the cervix lining so the baby can come through. It's actually the most important aspect because you could be 10cm dilated (the point when you push) but not be effaced at all, which would most likely end up in a c-section even after all the pushing. Needless to say I'm excited to be effaced and dilated already but it is normal to be a little bit of both at 37 weeks and you could remain that way for the next two weeks, you never know. However, my doctor seems to think she will be early if not right on time.

The REAL talk part of this is how crazy painful the check up was for me, 35 weeks didn't hurt but was uncomfortable. This time it was insane! I felt like she was reaching for my belly button and all I know is it forced my labor breathing, I was sweating and getting teary eyed!! Of course this is the one appointment Rod was unable to make....but he'll be there today!! She said it was about 1/8 of a contraction, if thats the case than I'm in BIG trouble, I always thought I managed pain really well too :( She also said it should get easier as the cervix moves down more...I sure hope so! eek!

Anywho, my next appointment is TODAY!! So I will post an update in the late afternoon, wish me luck!

*** Update: I'm still almost 2cm dilated but now I'm 70% effaced which is exciting! Hopefully she will be on time and not late like the doctor predicts!! :) 

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