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Saturday, July 11, 2015
It's Saturday!!!! Yayyy!!! This is normally not as exciting for me HOWEVER, it is my last day at work before I get to go on maternity leave!! Thank goodness because I'm definitely ready for a mini vacay at my parents pool for the next month until she makes her appearance. Needless to say, the waddle is coming along nicely and these dresses have been making regular rotations through my wardrobe and wanted to share.

I wanted a dress that was close to "Peyton Pink" as I call it, The hem line is at the perfect length to feel comfortable but still see enough leg that you don't feel like a cotton ball. This dress is also going to be great for easy nursing, which I love! 

I LOVE this dress, so casual and comfy but can be dressed up as well :)

My main concern was the sheerness of this dress but it's not! (Although I wouldn't wear lace under it, just saying lol). I love it because it doesn't cut into my ribs at all and have probably worn it the most of all.


When it comes to outfits these days, my go to is maxi dresses (if i'm not in pj's all day). It would normally be workout clothes but considering I really haven't been working out a lot, I refuse to buy bigger sports bras and pants since my lulu's don't fit anymore :( So for now, slipping in and out of comfy dresses is where it's at!! Any of you other mama's have mandatory go to's??

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