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A Birth Story | Peyton Mackenzie Brewster 8.12.15

Sunday, August 30, 2015
Well hello blog family!! I've been enjoying my hiatus and can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post and time is refusing to slow down! For me, my pregnancy after the first 16 weeks of "fun", flew by and I was already missing my belly the day after Peyton's birth. I had a very blessed pregnancy with no complications and I can't be thankful enough for that. That being said I'm excited to finally share her birth story/essay with you! I'm breaking it up into sections because it's going to be very long and want people to be able to read what they want :) Now let's see how many times I cry writing this haha...

Peyton Mackenzie Brewster was born August 12, 2015 at 8:08pm. Full head of hair, eyelashes for days, ten long fingers, ten long toes (thanks dad) and a cute button nose...they aren't kidding when they say nothing else matters once you meet your child. (whelp there goes the first tear!)

When I think about my labor the first thing that pops into my head is when Rod's youngest sister asks me, an hour after giving birth, if I would do it again... to which I replied instantly with "Yes!" no hesitation needed!

Before Hospital:

It started with my appointment on Tuesday, August 11th (40 Weeks 2 days), where my doctor stripped my membranes for a second time ( although it felt more like she was grabbing my uterus and squeezing the crap out of it!). She told me at that point that she had stretched me to 4cm and I was 100% effaced. For those who don't know yet, stripping your membranes is when she reaches in your cervix and separates the bag of water from the uterus in hopes to get labor started. This method does work but only if your body is ready for it, which mine wasn't the first time she did it. Many midwives do this so I was ok with this method because I did not want to be induced. I also had already lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show over the past week (your welcome). It was hard not to notice because it felt like my period had just come...kinda like a bubble coming out haha ( your welcome again).

Anywho, around 8pm that night I was cramping from the stripping (normal) but it felt a little stronger and I started to freak out a little bit and called my doctor. After talking with her, I decided to head in and see where I was at.  Now don't be all judgey but I knew I needed an epidural and since my mom dilated super fast with me and was unable to get one, I was scared to death I wouldn't have time! I'm all for the strength and, to be frank, the balls it takes to go through labor all natural but that just isn't me. However, after her seeing that I was still at almost 3cm dilated, even though she stretched me to 4cm, and walking around the hospital for an hour, my contractions were still inconsistent and I wasn't dilating more so we went home :(

Getting Admitted:

About 4 hours later (3:30am-ish) I couldn't sleep as the contractions had me like WHOA! and were getting stronger and harder to handle (TMI- It felt like a SERIOUS need to go #3 mixed with MAJOR cramping). I tried for about an hour to deal with the pain and go to sleep but it finally brought me to tears and I had to wake Rod up to take me back in.

When we got to the hospital I could barely walk during contractions and definitely needed the wheelchair this time that they brought down for me! When the nurse checked to see what my dilation was it really only went up to 4cm but my contractions were consistent and I was in so much pain (ya, I've established that I'm a big wimp and don't have the pain threshold that I thought). Luckily my doctor was there to have them admit me because I was NOT going to leave the hospital this time!

After the epidural let's just say I told Rod that I was "Dancing with Unicorns on Rainbows", the needle seriously is a pinch and before you know it your toes start tingling and all your muscles relax. I was finally able to sleep and that was heaven. However, about 4 hours later I started feeling my stomach and leg on my right side and before I knew it I could feel the contractions I was having and had to wait almost 2 hours for the anesthesiologist to come back and end up re-doing the epi. I remember lying there in tears while Rod was sleeping on the couch, I purposely made a loud groan at which point he woke up to me stating "I'm contemplating your death right now" haha oops. Only freaky part for me was that after they re-did the second epi, my right leg was now completely dead. I couldn't lift it at all and had no control so Rod and the nurses had to help me when I wanted to move or change positions...kinda scary but like I said...I'm a wimp and needed it regardless.


My doctor's only day off happened to be the day I decided to go into labor, I was SUPER bummed out cuz my doctor is pretty rad haha. However, the group i'm with is all females except like 2 males and I was comfortable with the majority of them. Not to mention, I really didn't care at that point, I just wanted to meet my baby and start pushing! They ended up having to give me a Pitocin drip to get things going and it didn't take long for my water to break around 4:30pm (again feeling like a bubble coming out and then just liquid). Around 6:30-7 the doctor came in to check if I was ready to push and I couldn't believe it was time when she said I was fully dilated (10cm). I'm not sure about other hospitals but I had no room to be modest in mine, I had no linen blocking my view and I even got a mirror set up so I could see what was happening. Hey, I was a step away from being Kourtney Kardashian and pulling out my child like she did haha. So before you think that you wouldn't want to see, you MUST know how amazing it is to see the birth happening but also because you'll get a better idea if you are actually pushing or just pushing out grey hairs on your head! lol Anywho, My mom was the only other person I wanted in the room and i'm happy I had her cuz she helped a lot since Rod had to hold my dead leg and was probably being traumatized by the front row view lol.

I pushed for about 45 minutes but was stuck and so the doctor told me she had to give me a small cut aka episiotomy. Couldn't feel anything but I knew the recovery was gonna be a bitch after watching a good friend give birth and go through it as well. I needed it though and with the next push my baby girl was out!

The second she came out it really was like I was in a slow-mo lifetime movie and there was no one else in the room except the three of us. We both instantly started crying as the nurses placed her immediately on my chest (I wanted the cord to stop pulsing before they cut it). She wrapped her fingers around mine and I felt that wave of warmth and feeling of wanting to protect her from everything. She is my heart and my heart is now out in the world and I will do anything and everything to fill her with all the happiness and love I can give :)

Things to know:

- When you can't stop shaking as if your cold, this normally happens when you are 7-8cm dilated

- When you are close to pushing you might develop a small fever. I had one of 100.2F but it really didn't affect me and I only noticed how much I was sweating when she told me. If it gets to 100.4 thats when they have to use medicine to bring it down.

- If you get an epidural, be prepared to have a pee bag attached (Catheter) haha, doesn't hurt though cuz your numb!

- Once you start pushing, you have groups of 3 hard pushes separated by short sips of breath and the nurse counts (VERY slowly it seems) to 10.

- Depending on when you go into labor, you are usually there for 2 nights, I was EXHAUSTED having lost a night of sleep and decided to take everyone's advice and send Peyton to the nursery. You can send them for the night if you want and they bring them back every 2-3 hours for feedings. I could only handle her gone for 2 hours and I actually balled my eyes out when they took her! I needed the sleep though, so don't be afraid.

- Last but not least, prepare yourself for the Hep B vaccine (if you choose to get it) because it will be the first time you see your baby in pain and I balled my eyes out! Also, they will come super early it seems to do a PKU test which tests your babies risk of jaundice. They take blood from your babies heel and really hard to hear them cry! All I can say is make sure they warm your babies foot first so they get the blood fast AND that they have sweeties (sugar water) to put in your babies pacifier to distract them. I stole some sweeties from the hospital for the future lol

My life has officially begun and I couldn't be happier to have this with the man I've had my eye on since I was 15! Everyone is right...there is no love like the love for your child or the father of your child for that matter. Our hearts are full...and so are my boobs haha but thats for another post!

After all is said and done, I have the most amazing and positive memories of my labor and honestly can't wait to do it again!! haha and I promise this is probably my longest post I'll ever have...until my next child! ;)
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