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Postpartum Update || Four Weeks ||

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Happy Saturday Ladies! I wanted to share some photos and experiences about the first 4 weeks and how they directly affected me. I'm going to try to be as real as possible and these pictures are meant to show that we are all human and although we all recover differently, we have the same feelings and concerns.

 It's unbelievable what we can do, I grew and then had a baby...simple as that. That being said, here's the proof ;)

Three Days Postpartum
I wish I could've taken a picture from the first or second day because it went down a lot between days 1 to 3 but I was just a little preoccupied ;) Day 3 and my belly button is still out and my tummy seriously feels like mashed potatoes in a sack lol but I didn't expect anything less!

Seven Days Postpartum
I am now 4lbs from my pre baby weight (I had gained 16lbs total) and couldn't feel luckier. Belly button still out but starting to descend, starting to feel my abs coming back together again but still pretty mushy. Bottom line, ive lost A LOT of muscle...can't wait to get back to yoga :(

Four Weeks Postpartum
About 3lbs from pre-baby weight and starting to feel my energy coming back. Belly button is almost back in but I'm thinking this is it's new station lol

Postpartum Good & Bad:

- Bad: My biggest pain right now is my lower back. Since I had to have two epidurals I think something happened because now I get numb around my sacrum if I sit for too long and it becomes painful. It's gotten a little better but I'm going to get it checked out if it's still happening in another month. I have previous back problems on L4-L5 so I have a feeling I tweaked something while pushing because I was so numb. Has this happened to anyone else??

-Good: Being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans (even if they are boyfriend jeans lol ). Only set back now is that I'm beyond used to just pulling down my pants because of maternity jeans and now I actually have to unbutton before pulling them down...big bummer! I liked my pull-ups ;)

-Bad: Anyone else's wrist's falling apart?? Between my back and my wrists I'm really feeling my age right now!! My left wrist down my pinky is having a very hard time and is starting to click. Yes I'm complaining about pinky pain. Hey even the smallest things can cause the most pain!

-Good: Being able to stretch and twist my back again!! Almost as good as being able to sleep on my back again, so's the little things.

-Bad & Good: My emotions are still super unpredictable, I just sobbed over a father/daughter commercial. Thankfully my entire pregnancy till now I haven't really flown off the rails (ok, maybe a couple times...because he didn't understand I needed to eat NOWWW!) haha. Rod says he's surprised and that I've been awesome...I tell him that I have to be otherwise he won't want to have another baby!! 

Anywho, I'm super thankful/grateful that my body seems to love pregnancy and I'm healing fast! Now if I can just get my diet in order and get back to the gym because regardless of my progress...I'm a woman and still don't really feel like one yet! Soon enough :)
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