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The "Pey" Times || One Month

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Well it's been a month of mommy-hood and at the risk of sounding brash I have to say that this new title couldn't feel more natural. I have to admit, that when Rod was rolling me out of the hospital, I couldn't believe I had a little person to take care of and that relied on me. Was this for real?? They're not going to stop me on the way out? They are really letting me take a baby out of here? Whelp, we're in the car now...shit just got real.

Leaving Hospital! :)
Before we left the hospital, Peyton was almost to the high risk of jaundice mark at a 10.1. I was told to get tested again in 3 days to see if it's gone up or down. Now Jaundice is completely normal, rod and I both had it, but everything scares you as a new mother. By day 3 she was very yellow and hadn't pooped since we left the hospital that Friday. I had to prepare myself for another blood test from her this point she will have been pricked 4 times. Seeing her cry as badly as she did each time really does a number on a new moms emotions. There's nothing to prepare you for how intensely you care and hurt for them.

My little yellow baby, 4 days old
We were told she was now at high risk with a 19.6 and would have to stay at least 1 night in the hospital starting immediatly. Thankfully we were able to get into Choc because I didn't want to leave her side and they provided a pull out bed and chair. Watching her under the blue lights felt like someone was squeezing my heart, making it hard to breathe. I felt like I had failed as her mommy already and couldn't save her from this confined space as she wiggled around. She latched on at birth and was pooping fine, which normally gets rid of the bilirubin, so I couldn't help but blame myself for maybe not producing enough milk to get the bilirubin out of her system. Failure and exhaustion filled my thoughts and tears but luckily Rod and my mom were both there to reassure and comfort me. Fortunately I was able to take her home the next day and was at peace knowing she was good and I wouldn't have to endure another shot/shots until she is 2 months!

First sponge bath, Day 3
The first week overall was filled with second guesses...second guessing myself on everything. Is she too hot? too cold? is she getting enough food? is she farting too much?? lol All questions I asked myself daily and would alleviate my worries by constantly taking her temperature because that's what they did in the hospital. A good rule of thumb they say is that if your comfortable then newborns need 1 more layer. I still take her temp sometimes but for the most part I didn't stress as much about it after the two weeks. As far as making sure they get enough milk, the only thing you can do is make sure they are peeing and pooping regularly. Boobie milk only takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 to digest so keep that in mind after you feed them. I will get more into my breastfeeding on another post :)

Her sleeping patterns in the beginning were heaven sent, she was sleeping most of the day and waking up every 2-3 hours at night. Her awake time pretty much consists of just staring at things and lots of tummy time on Rod or I's chest. However, at 3 weeks she started to wake up every hour and feed like 90% of the day! This is because at 3 weeks and 6 weeks they have a growth spurt and can't help but be a little more needy and fussy.

Cuddling in my pregnancy pillow aka "Monty", 3 weeks
Pillow by Bump Nest
The second week was about recovery and learning to juggle everything at the same time. I think that when you become a new mom you should be able to grow a third arm to help out, just sayin. When it comes to recovery, I really hit the ground running and forgot that no matter how I felt, I really needed to force myself to rest ESPECIALLY if you have a c-section or episiotomy (like me). To get very TMI, I bled a lot (still am a little) sand really had problems sitting down and getting up without a lot of pain (I even got a donut to sit on), soooo rest! Needless to say I used all of the Tucks, Dermoplast and ice packs that I had prepared! You also realize very fast how easily you get tired if you do go out and try to be normal. Yes I know I was only two weeks post partum but like I said, I hit the ground running!

By the time the third week came around, I was used to her crying cues and how long I could wait until her "warning" cries became real cries. Although I was starting to feel very trapped because we learned from the beginning that she hated her carseat, and even the stroller, so I avoided doing anything! At 3 1/2 weeks I decided I would try to sneak out for an hour and leave Rod with a bottle I pumped and let him babysit. I thought she would be fine since I got her milkshwasted and left her passed out! Unfortunately it didn't take long for Rod to text me a sad face saying "Daddy can't make her happy" lol. Poor guy, I felt bad because I was actually ok with leaving for a little bit. I figured I would be a mess and after tossing aside the "i must be a bad mom" feelings, I enjoyed the little time I had and knew it was very important :)


>Sucking on her hand ( just started trying to put it in her mouth)
>Sleeping on your chest
>Sleeping on her right side (which is strange seeing as she only liked me sleeping on my right side when I was pregnant)
>Lifting her head up
>Farting and Pooping lol (thats when I've gotten smiles)
>Dreaming (she's laughed 3 times so far)
>Sand (she was loving her feet in the sand at 15 days old)
>Having her hair brushed


>Being put down
>Being in her carseat

Good Moments:

>The moment you realize you can go in the carpool lane!! Simple pleasures!

>The first time she poo's and then pee's more after you take her poopy diaper off! I had to wake up Rod cuz it was 3 in the morning and my brain couldn't figure out how to approach the situation! Lol 

>The funniest moment so far is when I'm burping Peyton at probably 5:30am or so and she's not burping so I plead with her "come on little need to burp" then all of a sudden I hear Rod burp when he's dead asleep! Haha! I was crying I was laughing so hard! Amazing!

>You know your a mom when you start rocking yourself or swaying side to side even without your little one.

Real Talk:

>After birth the first time pooping is a scary/awkward business, definitely needed colace
>There is a lot of painful cramping after because your uterus is contracting back to size
>I dare you to try to stop your uterine flow once you've already started, can't do it if your life depended on it. But it's good for the healing process to start your kegels again!
>Sneezing and Coughing brings the fear of God try to avoid it at all costs because of the pain it causes your healing lady parts!
>Last but not least, I'm not sure if any of you are brave enough to look and see the progress of your lady parts but just don't lol I finally braved up and I wish I hadn't! Ah! Definitely not going into detail about that experience. Haha!

Overall all my first month was exhausting (and I know it's not stopping anytime soon) but I learned a lot about Rod and I. I probably had 2 mini breakdowns and 1 good one but I'm so thankful I had Rod there to be understanding of that and tell me I'm doing an amazing job! If anyone has advice for this next month please share! I'm hoping to post soon on my breastfeeding journey as well as my postpartum body woes but right now she's stuck like glue and posts are taking me a week! We're excited for the beach tomorrow though! Happy Saturday!
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  1. So cute! I went through the same thing with jaundice! I cried when they put her on the stupid blanket because I just wanted to cuddle her. It's the worst! And I couldn't look down there. I knew I'd be scarred lol!

    1. I made the mistake twice now!! I don't know how they say after 6 weeks it's ok to get down...i def don't think so! Lol


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