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Little Moments || September

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Saturday!! Which means absolutely nothing these days since I'm home with this little one. Coming up on two months a lot is changing and I have no choice but to change with her. She found her thumb! Well, for like 2 minutes and then maybe four times since then, still exciting! Anywho, here's some shots from this month...

Love my new dainty three heart necklace with Peytons birthdate, details on IG soon
Watching Daddy compete
Grandmas in love
Stroller: Bumbleride 
My little clip on Koala while looking for newborn supplies
Wrap: Solly Baby
How mommy TRIES to do some bloggin'

Brunch with a view at The Strand House
Not gonna lie, it got hot fast so I'm glad I brought the stroller just in case!
Baby Wrap: Solly Wrap
Hat: Target
and we've got THUMB!
That smile yummy

Without getting into it too much, the adjustment is never ending and challenging to balance. I would have never imagined the roller coaster of emotions that you really do go through but luckily, when it comes to Rod and I, we can handle it! I feel like there's three things you can do too see how strong your relationship is: move in together, travel together and have a baby!! Of course I would never do the latter just to see how strong we are but I can say we're doing good so far! This little nugget couldn't be more loved. Any advice for this next third month? I look forward to more movements and coo-ing, not too mention coooooler weather!! Ah!
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