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The "Pey" Times || Two Months

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Tuesday Tuesday....really wish I could go back in time today. Two months in and everyone was right, it has gotten a smidgen easier but is going by way too fast. Her sleeping patterns are starting to get more consistent and I'm starting to figure out what her movements and cries mean. Her little (vocal) personality is starting to come through and since she learned to coo, she's not afraid to tell us what she's feeling. We call her little foot (Land Before Time Reference) because she sounds like a little dinosaur rawr-ing at you if you aren't paying attention! Ya it's cute now but I'm dreading the day she learns the word "No" already!

Those knuckle dimples have me like....ahhh!!

I love mommy....or her boobs anyway lol
At the beginning of this new month she was starting to have her nights of restlessness and nothing I did would calm her down. I knew she didn't have colic because she wasn't screaming it was more "rawr-ing" and crying spurts. In these times I learned a cycle of things to do and eventually one would calm her (usually the boob). I would start with the boob and sometimes I would have to force it (because she acts like she can't latch since she's worked up) until she finally takes it and calms down. If that doesn't work than a quick burp check, diaper check, a figure eight bounce n' swing dance followed by a gas pump (pushing her legs up to her belly repeatedly. If none of that worked the first time then I just continue to do the pattern until she falls asleep, this usually take an hour or so. I can't imagine having a colicky baby (still crossing my fingers) because when your already sleep deprived and just trying to do your best, this little hour of crying was enough to make me cry!

Recently we've discovered her love for this vibrating chair that is a removable part of her pack n play. She now sleeps in it for the majority of the night! Such a blessing and I should've known since Rod loved being put on top of the dryer as an infant and she's practically his twin!


> Her vibrating chair from her Graco Pack n'Play Suite ( Thanks Nana!)
> Jungle activity mat
> Still loves those blinds
> Being held chest to chest (not cradled unless your feeding her!)
> Sleeping on her side
> Kicking her legs like a crazy person ;)
> Blow-outs (she's all smiles every time)
> Bath time
> Having her hair blow dried, go figure...mommy does too!
> Watching Elmo (I'm sure it's just the colors and high pitch voice)
> Trying to walk
> Heading butting your chest (ok maybe not but it happens so often!)
> The words goo and poo poo


> Laying on her back
> Still binkies
> Being tucked in (no more swaddling)

Feel Good Moments:

> When she finds her thumb for the first time at 5 weeks!
> When you make ridiculous sounds and she smiles at you on purpose (her first real smile being at 5 weeks)
> Being able to make it all the way down south (45 minutes) without a freakout, talk about a blessing
> Watching her sleep on her daddy's chest
> Even though it was pretty gross, her first blowout was also funny to me (If your on Snapchat you were lucky enough to see it!). It got all over me, her feet, clothes and her hands (which I frantically grabbed before she could put them in her mouth).
> Watching Rod try to change her "anything" haha. Diapers are a long process because he says he's making sure it's done right. Her clothes are an on going battle between which side is the front versus the back and how to get her clothes off without it getting stuck on her head!! haha. All things I feel like new dads do :)
> DANCING!! or kind of a fast moving "hump" is what miss Pey has been doing lately, it's absolutely hilarious. It's like she starts with a slow moving hump and than it gets out of control!! haha Ahmazing.

Looking forward to:

> Our first mini family vacay to Palm Springs in November for our 9 Year Anniversary...yes we're bringing the baby :)
> Taking her to see Santa Claus! She doesn't get scared by anything, so far, so it will be interesting to see her process the jolly man.
> Her two month shots to be over!! Seriously though...I'm gonna have a panic attack I think!
> For the Holidays!! Starting with Halloween...little missy has two costumes (one for a photo op of course, and 1 for the night of)

My loves...One of these days I'll post on the nursery
As we move forward into month three, I am anxious and nervous that it's going to go by faster and faster. This is the time I've been waiting for and I feel like this blog allows me to reminiscence and hold on to the special moments that have passed. I LOVE that my IG is full of fellow mommy bloggers now that are going through the same things or about too. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made and the laughs we have when reading or seeing a post we can relate to! I hope I can continue trying to offer advice from my own experience and have a laugh or two along the way!

PS...I'll be posting my breastfeeding journey in the next couple days so check back! Also, if you haven't already check out my interview on Hatched Baby for Mom Crush of the Month :)
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  1. LOVEE reading your blog! Peyton is just such a cutie. We def need to have a playdate one of these days!


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