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The Proposal: Saying "Yes" Forever | 10.23.15

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Hi ladies!! It's been a minute again, there's been a lot of changes and a lot going on. However, I wanted to share the most amazing part of my October and the second best thing to happen in 2015, my proposal!! For those who haven't been following for awhile, my fiancé (Wow that feels good) and I met in April of 2006, although I got his autograph at a No Fear event back in 1999. The start of our relationship was crazy and we had our fair share of up's and down's.. Relationships are NOT easy and they aren't suppose to be. You are basically deciding who you want to work with for the rest of your life because that's what relationships are, work. There's no other way to explain it, we have a very real relationship that goes deeper than any relationship we both have ever had. We fight, get annoyed, have things we both need to work on but can't imagine going through these things with anyone else! This is what life is about!

The day started out early and went by fast as usual, our first family photoshoot was planned for 4:30pm in Laguna Beach. We would shoot up by us in Redondo but I LOVE this beach as it has a Rapunzel tower! Or so I say it is anyway haha ;) Not to mention I shot my maternity pictures here as well and will probably shoot my engagement and wedding photos too. If you can't tell, yes I'm that sentimental...or as Rod would like to say, in a loving way, I'm "mental" lol.

Anyway, I knew it would take forever to get both Pey and I ready, as I haven't attempted to get all dolled up yet with a boobie crazed little girl! Well, I was right and we were running behind, so basically lesson learned. Think of how long it should take realistically to get ready with a baby and then add 2 more hours, no joke. I was already sweating off my makeup trying to get her ready for her torture chamber, aka her carseat, and we weren't even out of the door yet. 

This next part is where I'm learning to take life in stride and not let stupid things get in the way of what needs to get done or to make me happy. Being a mother,  this is the first thing that needs to exit your mind, expectations. The expectation that you'll be on time, that your baby will let you get ready, that she'll be good for awhile since you just fed her, expectations should never be in your mind once you have a baby. So of course to test this out, my car broke down on the way to the shoot, fun stuff when its 80 degrees out. So what do I do without even a thought?? Call my daddy haha. No but really, I called my dad to come trade cars with me and handle the situation so I could get to the photoshoot that I had been planning for 2 months! Yes, I'm crazy but I wasn't going to let anything come between me and pictures! haha

So without skipping a beat, we traded cars and we got to the shoot but only had about an hour of sunlight or "golden hour" left. We shot my two favorite looks and couldn't wait to shoot this one in the same mexican blanket I shot in my maternity photos in, again senti"mental". All was going well with the last 5 minutes of light and Rod starts walking toward me telling me how truly beautiful I looked. He definitely compliments me a lot but this was a little different and kinda made me blush. However, he kept walking toward me saying " So I stopped by your dad's house the other day...", I just remember telling him " BABE!...what are you doing!? We only have 5 more minutes left of light!", as I'm stepping away from him trying to still pose for the camera. Then he dropped down on one knee and I realized what he was doing! Everything from that point went blank, I don't remember anything he said and barely remember him even asking me to marry him. I do remember seeing this amazing ring and looking at his excited eyes and telling him YES, with tears in my eyes. He did good, I couldn't have been more surprised and having this memory in pictures is the best I could hope for!

The highlight reels of Instagram make everything look easy and perfect but for us it gets real
, especially with a new baby, but it's our kind of perfect. For me, he truly is the man of my dreams and I couldn't be happier! Truth be told, I would've said yes to him the day I met him and felt that crazy flutter, he is the definition of my love at first sight and I'm so happy to have him be my last.

Amazing Photography by: Natalie Schutt
3 comments on "The Proposal: Saying "Yes" Forever | 10.23.15"
  1. So beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. I just love this soooo much!!! Best proposal pictures of all time my friend.

  3. Congratulations once again! You will be a beautiful bride. I'm getting married tomorrow and the planning process flies by!


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