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The "Pey" Times || Three Months

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Well we're there, the three month mark where I would see other babies this age with their moms and think "they're huge!". Compared to my little newborn, they were! Now I have an actual baby with total mood swings, certain required nap times and her own sense of humor. They really aren't lying when they say it goes by fast, or rather they grow so fast! Peyton is in the 80% for her height and at a perfect weight for her height, which is surprising. I thought for sure the ped was going to tell me to cut down on feedings...I tease all the time that she's certainly not getting skim milk! My little love with every new roll she gets, its like it's an accomplishment lol. I'm definitely not over feeding her, don't get me wrong, she just loves her some bubbies.

Getting to this three month mark has been really fun and a learning experience...

- I now know why everything child related is colorful and I'm noticing it more and more, it's because babies LOVE color! I guess I just never really thought about it too much pre-baby.

-I also learned that in order to TRY to prevent blow-outs (Pooping out of the sides) that you pull out the second layer of diaper around their legs! I had no idea there was two layers. Hasn't been working very well with pooper Pey though, she's a side pooper if that's possible?! Probably because she squirms a ton on the changing table and it goes on crooked?

-I've also perfected the pinch and roll for babies, that's's not just for men to itch the jewels lol. The pinch and roll on the diaper to feel if they need to be changed, comes in handy when diapers don't have the yellow to blue line, like Honest. If you're really brave you can add the smell to the pinch and roll. haha.

Anyway, time started going by super fast this month because she started sleeping for long stretches during the day and can self soothe for the most part. Therefore, that means mommy is running around trying to update her blog, while eating, while catching up on her "chick" shows, doing laundry, finishing dishes, scrolling through IG and painting her nails. haha. I've also decided that she has RBS which is restless body syndrome. In my stomach she was NON-STOP and now she must be moving something 90% of the day. Even while sleeping she liked the vibrating chair. she's starting to get better but I can tell she's gonna be that 5 month old that's twerking while feeding.

Which reminds me! Her two month shots (That she had at 2 1/2 months) went amazing, well for me anyway. I can't believe how fast the nurse did them, she let out a wail and than I stuck her face on my boob. I was so proud of myself for not crying and so happy that it wasn't ANYTHING like the initial shots she received in the first month.

And ok mommies, I'm at a loss. How do I get her to like her carseat?? I tried this mirrored light up musical thing that's controlled by a remote. I thought it was cool, she didn't. Any help please?!


> Sucking on two to three fingers at a time- 9 weeks. Thank the lord because she's not a huge fan of the pacifier still
> Blow out's still....geezus... and yes I use a big enough diaper! 
> To watch the dogs walk around
> Talking...or baby talking, She's gonna have a lot to say
> Cuddling with mama (I read that this stage they like more cuddles...totally true)
> Rolling on her side from her back, 11 weeks
> Rolling on her BACK from her STOMACH!, 12 weeks
> Loving water more and more, starting to splash around
> Finding toys and actually holding them and shaking them
> Drooling and blowing bubbles a ton at 9 weeks
> Any word starting with a P she smiles...which is good cuz her name starts with a P! 


> She's officially grown out of her vibrating seat, or rather she's not as big of a fan
> Not being held, she's my spider monkey
> Long walks on the beach lol, She can't handle the stroller for long amounts of time

This month has made me fall more in love with being a momma. They are right when they say things get easier and then other things get hard. She's not an easy baby by any means but she's bringing out the best in both of us. Every milestone is more precious than the last...and today she totally started giggling. I'm so lucky ☺️ Now on to the next month!

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  1. For the car seat: try a vibrating toothbrush stuck (safely) in the side somewhere.

  2. Perfect photography skills!


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