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Little Moments || October & November

Friday, December 11, 2015

Hola! I feel like once the holidays hit, everything starts flying by! Since Peyton is now 4 months today, I figured I would catch up on some random shots of the past couple months! Especially because I think December will be full of pictures!

.: O C T O B E R :.

My favorite picture
Sleeping Beauty
Gotta love outtakes
Is there anything better??
She didn't wear this as much as I wanted!! Stupid Cali weather was too hot still!
Day after engagement lunch! Love these ladies & my future seester-in-law
Sooo I had 3 sips of this cucumber margarita and was toast lol, first drink after a year so I guess that's normal??

October isn't normally a favorite month of mine but now I have an amazing proposal to always associate with it.

.: N O V E M B E R :.

Cali weather at it's finest...Palm Springs was perfect for our first family mini vacay (post to come soon)

Can I keep them??
She's too young to give me this look!
Seeepy head 
Thanksgiving at Nana's
Meeting for work...not gonna lie, I missed it!
Perfect way to end a month...mommy and daddy first date night!

November came and went, probably because I was looking forward to December but also because we were on the go a lot more. We tend to spend a lot of time staying with our families down south in Laguna so we're hoping to move down there sooner than later! I'm hoping to start posting more as I think I'm starting to find my niche of topics I like. I really bow down to all these amazing mommy bloggers that manage to do it all and post 3-4 times a week, most of all my bestie. For those who think it's easy and not a job (once you get to a certain level), you couldn't be more wrong! I spend A LOT of my days just at home with Pey whether it's playing, snuggling or taking naps...I barely have time for myself so hat's off to the mommies with two or more and can keep up!!
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