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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Oh Monday...So I have to admit I have so many posts, including this one, about half done and it's been hard to find time to finish them. Then I get excited about posting something different and the cycle continues, my follow through has been terrible as a mom! haha. Anywho, Finally posting on Peyton's nursery, we started off with creams and light pinks and then ended up having pops of color everywhere. I'm definitely happy with it, our place right now is an older house in Redondo Beach so the paint (didn't have time to paint it a new color) and carpet are not my fave, can't wait to have our OWN house!

You could say that this is my favorite corner...

Nursery Works: Sleeptime Rocker
Rug: Amazon

Shelves: Target

The tiny clothes pins holding our Polaroid pictures is a favorite of mine, may or may not have had some Pinterest influence ;)

Be our guest book: Such a great idea to have everyone take a Polaroid and write a note to Pey next to it. We're lucky to have so many people care for her already!

Lamb Plush Collection: Pottery Barn Kids

We loved the modern take on this crib from Ikea

Shelf above dresser: Land of Nod
Dresser: Ikea

My FAVORITE part of Pey's room is the fabric streamer her aunties made for her!! Four different types and colors of fabric that took them so long and I couldn't be more grateful. She will have it as part of her room for a long time to come!

My second favorite part of the room is these blocks that I made thanks to Michaels, can't wait to do more DIY projects with little missy when she's older!

Lastly: I wanted to share how I organized my drawers!

1st Drawer: Pacis, Rattles/Chew toys, backup wipes, nipple balm/pads and boob cooler/warmers, Diapers, Medication, Thermometer, Emery board, Nose Frida

2nd Drawer: Socks, Bibs, Burp Cloths, Wash Cloths, Headbands/Beanies, jammies, onesies arranged in stacks by age

3rd Drawer: Bath Towels, Swaddles, Bathing suits (it was summer still), Extra waterproof mats (you can NEVER have too many of these! I've already went through the ones pictured)

I think I started decorating the baby room about 4 months before my due date but didn't finish it until a few weeks before. I'm a little, ok more than a little, OCD so these separators and boxes for the drawers came in handy but also were overwhelming. I remember sitting in the middle of the room with a bunch of stuff around me and trying to figure out how I liked my drawers stocked. She has a few more drawers in her walk in closet (spoiled already haha) but I really only have items that will eventually transition into her main drawer once she grows into them. People say it's fun to nest, however for me it almost made me more anxious and stressed! Anyone else feel this way?? Procrastinator is a word that definitely describes me...but there's nothing like the feeling of having it all done!

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