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The "Pey" Times || Six Months

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Whelp, my little girl is half a year old and she has officially earned a new nickname. She is now my little beasty (yes, like in Maleficent). The nickname came about because she gets straight beasty when she's tired or sick and then is such a happy little beauty the rest of the time.

Ok guys, I'm really loving this 5 month and 6 month age range so far and I heard it gets better buuuuuut is anyone else's back killing them?!?! Have to say I love the mom arms that I'm starting to get though! During this month we've come across a few things that have really been hard, like her first cold and her almost ear infection.

As far as the cold goes, her little stuffy nose was so hard to hear but we did the best we could. I bought a cheapy warm humidifier from Walgreens and put a blend of DoTerra Breathe & Lavender drops. Next I elevated her bed mattress so that she was sleeping on an incline to help her breathe and of course last but not least, suctioned the crap out of her with saline drops and the nose frida. This seemed to go pretty well and hope she waits awhile before getting sick again!

Her ear infection or ear ache basically I found because she was constantly rubbing her ear and just her right one. One night she started crying and wouldn't stop for over an hour! So I used my witch doctor skills (as Rod calls it) and rubbed melaleuca, basil (or Purify) and lavender around her ear all diluted with coconut oil. I also stuck some on a cotton ball and taped it onto her ear, literally within minutes she stopped crying. I did this for several days and the symptoms seemed to fade. At her next check up though I will make sure!

S i x  M o n t h s 

Height: 26.5 in.
Weight: 18lbs 9oz


> Grabbing things with both hands
> Sitting up almost by herself
> Started to do the rocking back and forth when placed on all fours


> Pulling her hair and rubbing her eyes when tired
> Putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
> Pulling out mommies hair and scratching faces (beware, and yes I do trim her nails)
> Sucking on chins
> Sleeping in the ergo, wish I would've learned earlier that she'll pass out for hours if I just feed her in it!
> The dogs, more so Lucy because she's a spaz
> Pig sounds
> Bouncing/ jumping like a mad woman in her Exersaucer
> Walking with assistance, this little woman is on the go


> Over stimulation, she will shake her head side to side to calm herself down. Thinking she might get headaches!
> When I walk out of the room, sweet but problematic
> Watermelon, only my favorite fruit, her tummy doesn't agree so no more watermelon for mommy

Besides those couple things, the month went by fast as usual with no teethies in sight!! I'm thinking that's because I'm still exclusively breastfeeding with 1 bottle a week when rod watches her. To say that I've made it to 6 months is amazing to me, this was my goal but now I'm on to hopefully a year! Speaking of breastfeeding though...anyone else get freaked out by the seizure like shaking that they will sometimes do while feeding?? Ya that was fun the first time it happened!! Ah!

Growing with this little one is always full of laughs and definitely frustrations as I try to keep up with her need for attention and entertainment! Can't wait to post about her eating adventures this next month! On another note, wedding planning is kicking my butt with this little koala bear always needing love but hoping to find my wedding dress in the next month!! Crossing fingers!
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  1. I hear you on the back pain!! My little one will be 6 months on Monday, I'm guessing he's also around 18-20 lbs. With my first one my back gave out on me when she was around this age too! I was out of work and barely able to move for a good month! I'm trying to be very careful this time and watch how I pick him up and do stretches every night. I can't be out of commission with 2 little ones this time!!
    Love following your little ones progress since both of our little ones are the same age!
    Congrats on the engagement and can't wait to see more pics!
    Marivy (@ocean_ivy)


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