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Postpartum Update || Eight Months ||

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Hey mamas!! 

So I'm posting this now, at almost nine months postpartum, however the pictures and most of this was done at eight months. Like I've said before, I have many ALMOST finished posts!

So here it is, although I love my body I think everyone likes to think that they will have their pre-baby body back eventually even though you know it will just never be the same. The biggest change for me is my stomach area and boobs that seem to be slowly floating down river haha. Ok ok I might be over exaggerating but it's how I feel! Now, I'm not saying I'm upset or complaining as I know a lot of women gain 60-70lbs and have a hard time losing it. I'm happy with my body and am realizing that working out is a gift. Although Pey is amazing when it comes to using the daycare at the gym, no stranger danger yet! Also, I am still breastfeeding (woohoo!) everyone has their own opinions on this but I'm hoping to get to 15months and then maybe 24months but we'll see. With two top and two bottom teeth I pretty much have a baby piranha on my boobs, sounds fun right? It's making me reconsider breastfeeding longer vs. saving my nips! 
Speaking of breastfeeding, Does everyone's boobs get a little bigger after 5 months?? Wish they would stay! Also, Do a lot of you ladies feel your "let down"?? It's the craziest thing to me, all of a sudden my boob or boobs feel like they tense up. I think I started feeling it more and realizing what they were at about 5-6 months. With this came a lot of extra milk, I think I was pumping an extra 10 oz a day but right now it's getting harder and harder to find time to pump since Pey always ends up in bed with us. Yes, yes I know but it works for us for right now. I also experienced leaking for the first time when my fiancé and I went to a company party, I thought I was sweating but it was my milk running down my stomach! Definitely glad I wore black but that was my cue to say our goodbyes.

The Good, The Bad and The TMI

- First off, a TMI. I've been seeing my doctor every 6 months just because I love her but also because I want to make sure everything is going well down there. I have to admit it has taken me a lot longer to recover and for things to feel the same again. Now I know why!! My doctor said that after you have a baby, your lady parts are going through menopause! I mean really?? She said that if she didn't put a notation on my pap, it would come back as a menopausal 65yr old. Ha. So basically you're saying my who-ha is a senior citizen. Learn something new everyday, your welcome. I didn't actually try it because in the following week or two the dryness stopped but you can get estrogen creme (doesn't effect your milk supply) to help your little senior citizen. lol Loving the new nickname.

- The good, I made it to almost 9 months of exclusively breastfeeding!! Just to clarify though, this means something different for everyone. Some people associate it with just breast milk and no formula. There is also breastfeeding only and no bottles at all or just breastfeeding the majority of the time.

- The bad, my back is still killlllling me and it feels completely bruised still where the epi went in. As if I didn't already have a bad back! Also, my hips!!! Holy cow, downfall of cosleeping I guess, too much side sleeping. Bottom line- Hi, I feel old.

- The good, the carpal tunnel is almost completely gone!! That is crazy because I didn't think it would ever go away. Don't get me wrong I still feel numb sometimes at night but it doesn't hurt and get cold like it used too. The pain I had in my pinkie, which turned out to be trigger finger, has dissipated as well!

- The bad, Mom brain is getting worse and worse!! I mean, I don't really consider it bad until I forget something important. When it comes to dating a check with 2015 or using Pey's toothpaste instead of my own, I can't help but laugh!

- The TMI, I miss my old nipples... not that I have complaints, trust, buuuuut well I just miss them. Lol

- The good, I feel like my -ancĂ© and I are finally getting back to in having date nights and romantical time. 

- TMI, my boobs are getting even bigger! Officially a cup and a half size bigger. Not sure I like it, but I know someone who does! Men. *rolls eyes but also loves it*


- Well, I recently went completely through the drive thru window at Starbucks and forgot to tell her my order first. Yup, I just went straight up to the cashier window lol. Oops.

- I started putting anything I don't want to drive off with on the hood instead of the roof of the car while putting Pey in her car seat. It saves me a lot of yells by near by onlookers and money from having to reorder my spilled, venti iced sparkling black tea lemonade with 2 pumps peach, again. PS- I'm proud of my Starbucks order! I feel like when you go to Starbucks they expect a complicated order, and if you don't have're not a "pro". Right?

Lastly, I started doing so that I don't lose my mind on him! We decided that neither of us are allowed to say that we are tired, exhausted or anything related to that because let's face it, we both are but us women can just handle more. If Rod doesn't get a nap in then I will have a man child on my hands lol. When I'm up a lot of the nights because she's still waking up a lot and wants only me, it's hard to hear Rod get up and say he's so exhausted! Let's just say I want to throw something at him...and it's not a bunch of marshmallows! Any other tips you mamas use to keep your relationship from turning into a battlefield at certain times?? lol Hey, let's just be honest! 

Hope everyone had a beautiful mommy day!

10 comments on "Postpartum Update || Eight Months ||"
  1. The hubby and I have a rule. One bi%$h, one blessing. For each time we have a complaint about our day, we finish it with a blessing that the other brings to the table. Example "I'm exhausted but I am so grateful to you for giving me my angel and allowing me to feel so tired and so much love" It works most of the time haha.

    1. I LOVE that!! We will definitely try implementing that as well! Thank you!

  2. Love this post girlie!!!! And as for the men stuff - silence usually says more than words lol. As for the Starbucks drive through...#guilty.

    1. Haha right, silence is everything sometimes.

  3. Seriously pinning this to body after baby inspiration! You look great, and give me some hope that my body will return back to "normal" after i have my babe! Also, love that you are so honest in your posts! It's nice to hear the good things, but even better to hear the not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy and postpartum! It's really helpful and not everyone is willing to share those types of deets ;). Thanks!

    1. Aw thank you! I'm glad you like my TMI's haha. I've always been a huge fan when other bloggers do that so I wanted to do the same and even taking it up a notch! It makes it way more relatable and real because it's definitely not always cookie cutter.

  4. Hey lorin!
    I have a little 8 month old girl here too! We just started sitting up but no crawling just yet. The sleeping at night is a killer and you're right we should have the rule that no one can get mad for saying the other one shouldn't be tired. I'm definitely guilty of getting mad over those comments!!
    We're exclusively breastfeeding here too although she does get a bottle of my milk when I'm working. No formula yet and I definitely have those goals like you. I'm hoping as she starts eating more solids and nursing less life won't seem like it's always about me and my boobs haha. We have no teeth yet but she still nibbles on me quite a bit because she's in so much pain. It sucks! You should be so proud of your body because you look great! Everyone says I look great because I lost all of the 40 pounds I gained but with losing that weight everything sags :( hoping things will continue to improve! Hope to keep in touch! All the best :) jen

  5. Loved this post mama! You look incredible! I feel like my boobs will never be the same and I didn't even breast feed for longer than 3 months. sigh #momlife

  6. New momma as well and love your posts.

  7. Love the honesty here! I have two kids (5 and 2) and when my first was born, a friend said to me that I would lose 18-24 m of my life. I was like, eff that! That's nuts! And I think it's exaggerated...but...there are some truths to it. For me, my body (libido, boobs, belly, everything) didn't feel normal again until between 18-24 months, which was when I stopped nursing. It's also, coincidentally, when both my kids finally learn to sleep better! Also, I just think it gets a LOT easier at that age developmentally. Hang in there. Things will get easier. My advice about the fighting with spouse stuff is just to be sure not to "tally" up things. You know it's bad when you're like "I had her for an hour, now it's your turn" and that sort of thing. Just try to go with the flow and support each other. :) If you're up every night, all night, carve out something that your partner does with baby that you don't do (like play with her during dinner so you can drink, lol). Thanks for the awesome blog! -Victoria


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