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The "Pey" Times || Ten Months

Friday, July 29, 2016
T e n  M o n t h s

Height: 30 in. 
Weight: 21lbs 6oz

June 12, 2016

Two month countdown to her first birthday!! Holy cow! She started walking a day after she turned 9 months and has been doing nothing but since then. She's almost able to be completely mobile which will make me so happy because I can take her to Disneyland and because she is getting wayyy too heavy.

I feel like this past month has been the worse sleep time she's had since she was a newborn! Is it possible for your baby to have insomnia? Lol It's fun when people say to put them to bed later or earlier, it seriously doesn't even matter people! If I put her to bed late she's restless and too exhausted so she'll wake up a bunch and still early. If I put her to bed earlier she still wakes up a bunch (almost seems like from nightmares) and still wakes up early am. I'm at a loss but like all things, this too shall pass. I hope.


> Give her one hand to walk with and she takes off! Needing little assistance walking on her own sad. What's next? Running?! Ah. (update, since I started writing this she is officially walking unassisted! yikes! 10 months 1 week)
> Knows how to wave bye
> She will shake her head no if she doesn't want any more of something
> She loves her mermaid doll and carries her by her hair and gives her kisses
> Holding a toy in both hands and one in her mouth and cruising around
> Thinks it's hilarious to use a baby fork to pick up her food but she's getting it. Food is all over the floor but that's what dogs are for!
> Mimics every kind of smile and face scrunch


> Holding hands
> Squeezing mommies other boob while nursing ( pretty sure it's to try and stimulate more milk but it still creeps Rod out haha)
> Spinning in a circle
> Being thrown in the air


> Vaccums all of a sudden
> Aluminum foil!
> Blenders
> Pretty much anything loud and scary!

Food she loves:

> Loves her eggs (started at 9 months since we have no allergies in fam)
> All berries
> Grapes
> Beets
> Broccoli
> Salmon (tried at 9.5 months again since there are no allergies in fam)
> Coconut
> Cinnamon

I haven't introduced meat yet because I am planning on waiting till at least a year, although I'm secretly hoping that she doesn't like it!

One thing I will say about 10 month old Pey is that she is determined to do things HER way or no way. Such a sweetheart who will give just about anyone a kiss but extremely stubborn and independent when it comes to activities and playtime. As far as toys, we are kind of at a stand still since the walker is simply to dangerous and all she wants to do is walk with things in her hands. 

Ps...anyone's back killing them?! They say it takes a year or more to fully recover since most of your body structure changes, but dangggg ill tell you I'm going to be screwed at 70 or 80 years old!
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