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The "Pey" Times || Eleven Months

Saturday, August 27, 2016

E l e v e n  M o n t h s

Height: forgot to measure her! :(
Weight: 23lbs 6oz

July 12, 2016

Where to start, from 10 to 11 months I feel like Pey grew leaps and bounds! Besides the fact that she practically runs everywhere she goes, she cleans up her toys, blows kisses and became a professional straw drinker. She is extremely active and always on the go which has me in serious need of coffee all the time. 


> cleans up her toys, then takes them out and starts the process again
> Found her favorite stuffed animals, Lamby the Lamb and Hootie the Owl, bet you couldn't guess that.
> she blows kisses
> takes a sip of water and says "ahhhhh" hopefully you've caught it on my snap!
> continues to have so much fun drinking out of a straw, but loves her sippy cup too.
> Clapping to b-i-n-g-o


> playing with keyboards
> going in and out of rooms in the house
> rummaging through drawers and putting everything on the floor
> holding on to the leg of anyone she recognizes
> stopping to stare at strangers until they acknowledge her!
> going to sleep in the ergo
> she finds it absolutely hilarious when she pushes her highchair around the room after the dogs, it's a crack up.

> she will now sit down if she doesn't want to be picked up!
> she won't let me hold her hand to walk anymore

New food she loves:

> Fruit is her everything (just like her mama, I could live off fruit) Banana, Raspberries and watermelon being her top faves.
> Black beans
> Hummus

What she does when you ask...How big is Peyton??!? Soooooo biggg :)
Growing up faster and faster, this little lady was finally completely stable and confident with walking a week into this month. She even picks herself back up if she falls, it takes a lot to make this one cry. I have one more month of her month to month updates and I'm super freaked out. What's next? 1 and a half? I'll tell you one thing, I spent a good 3 hours looking through her birth photos and videos. Of course, this only makes me ready to clip on koala Rod for another one! Stupid little event in November called a Wedding is holding me back though! I WILL fit into my dress! Haha ok, in all seriousness I definitely need a little more time. How much time are you mommies taking? What's a good age gap you think?
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