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The RoLo Story

Thursday, October 20, 2016
It's officially the one month countdown till our wedding next month!! That being said, I thought I would share our story of how we met. Many of you may know this fun story but for the rest that don't, Here it is. 

I have to start with when I was fifteen, yes 1-5, and went to Irvine Spectrum with my best friend. We came across the store No Fear, with a line coming out of the door. The line was for autographs from a row of extreme sport professionals. Well, Rod was the last one on that row since he was a professional surfer. So since I had never seen a more beautiful man in my life, I waited in that long line just to meet him and get his autograph! What's funny about this, is I remember telling my friend at the time that he was my ultimate dream man and would marry him in a heartbeat. You know, because that's what you say at fifteen.

To add to that, a couple years later, he moved literally below my parents house. I could see him load all his boards in his car ready to go to the beach. No, I don't think it was creepy, I mean, look at the man! Any girl would've done the same! Besides, it's not stalking if he lives down the street and you can see the house from your backyard! ;)

Anyway, fast forward to 2006 when I was 20 years old and I came across Rod's MySpace profile (I know right?) from a mutual friend of ours and instantly remembered his name. Of course I'm going to message him and fess up to my slight stalker status when I was younger and hope he laughs. Well he did. Obviously. 

After that we started a VERY slow dating relationship since we had both been in long term relationships right before we met. One thing was for sure, we couldn't get enough of eachother. Even through our "hiccups/breaks" there was always something missing.

Now it's 11 years later and we will be getting married on our 10 year anniversary! Holy cow! I'll probably get nervous when the wedding gets closer but right now it's hard to get nervous over something you know, in every fiber of your being, is right. Marriages are hard work and neither of us take them lightly. However, we can't imagine putting in that work with anyone else. On that note,  I can't wait to see this man at the end of the aisle! 30 days....wooo hooo!!

Moral of the story ladies, it pays to be a little cray haha!

Photos: Natalie Schutt Photography

"Something about your presence speeds up my heartbeat, in a way that makes me think, it may have been running slow my whole life" - k.b.

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  1. I'm with my husband from school when I was 15! I know exactly the feeling and everything you said, with all the break ups, the ups and downs! We married on our 15th anniversary :) it's weird for us and for you that all these years we were together, in love and happy yet we didn't get married earlier! When it feels right, it is the right time!



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