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Mommy Favorites || The Baby Cubby

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Hi ladies!

I wanted to share some of my favorite items from this company I was lucky enough to work with! These items, ok besides the clothes, are all must haves in my book and I hope it helps some of you.

First I wanted to tell you a little bit about this company, they are based in Utah and they are determined to provide the best (and best reviewed) products out there. Every one of the products have  been researched and picked by them as being perfect for our little ones. The name Baby Cubby is representation of that, when we were little we always stored important things in our cubbies and this store represents all those important things that you love.

So definitely bookmark this site because it will never steer you wrong! Here are some of my favorites and some items that I will be ordering for this next baby!

                                                              Bumbleride Indie

I love a few strollers but I've always been a fan of the Bumbleride Indie. When looking for a stroller my first priority was the one wheel in front! It's easier to steer and push with only one hand, which we all know is very beneficial.  
Waterproof, Washable and stylish
I love these to catch Peys food

4Moms Spout Cover

This is genius especially for my
husband who could never really
get it right.



                                                           Comotomo Natural Feel

Ergo 360 Teething Pad/Bib                                  Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

I still use this thing and the back support is huge for me
because I have major back issues

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This worked amazing for me and
would highly recommend it.
Also most insurances cover it for free.
                                Boon Star Drain Cover

Fridababy Fever Frida / Fever Frida Patches

                        Sakura Bloom 

Baby Bling Knot Headband

                           Rylee and Cru Tee

Jumpsuit from Rylee and Cru

Rylee and Cru Cross Romper
                                                                        Rylee and Cru Jumpsuit

                                                          KicKee Ruffle Footie

I love anything KicKee because it is sooooo soft and breathable.
I also love the anti slip on the bottoms of feet!

All Photos by Me

These are obviously some of the products that I love on their website but there's tons more! Other small businesses are big favorites as well, like Piper and Finn, Bannor Toys, Briar Bonnets and L'ovedbaby. Just make sure you sign up for emails to receive 10% off your first purchase!
2 comments on "Mommy Favorites || The Baby Cubby"
  1. Hi Lorin! Peyton is a doll! Love reading your updates about your daughter.... Had a question for you: how is Peyton's sleep? Did you sleep train? Also, I know you breastfed for over a year...did she continue to wake up to feed? I ask b/c I have a 10 mo old, exclusively breastfed, and a FTM who is wanting to wean but I don't see that happening anytime soon. :D

    1. Pey sleeps from 7:45pm- 5:45pm...I wish she slept in later though! We did sleep train but we kinda combined a couple different things, I'm putting a post together soon. And yes she would continue to wake up and be hungry at like 3-4am and I would bf her and put her back down...and then bring her in bed at 6 when she would wake up again to bf and sleep longer! Lol. At 13 months I had her sleep trained but I think it took 11 days...and the first 3-4 days were the toughest. I definitely didn't see her ever weaning or sleeping through the night without waking up. It's still surreal to me! Lol


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