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24 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Happy bump day! lol

I feel like I just did a bump date but there is definitely a huge difference between 20 weeks and 24 weeks....I mean dannnnnng. For me anyway, I feel so much heavier but she also is just so low...but more on that in the real talk section at the bottom. I mean they do grow about 2 inches (from a mango to eggplant) and double their weight between 20 to 24 weeks, so it can't just be me!

It's unreal that I am already at 24 weeks...well 25 weeks 3 days as i'm writing this. If that doesn't sound crazy to you...what about the fact that I have 14 weeks and 4 days left till my due date?! gah! Ya.....I have nothing done yet. Seeing as I know she will be with me for the first few months...I'm not super stressed on getting her room done. However, I am feeling the need to organize something! Anyone else procrastinating on their second?? 


How Far Along? 

24 Weeks exactly! ( When I took these pix anyway)

Thought I would post my last 20 week just for comparison! And if you noticed the missing's because I forgot which side I took the picture on so I just flipped the picture to face the same way!

Total Weight Gain?   

I've gained 4 lbs in the last month>>>12lbs guess is 10 more lbs by my due date.

Baby Brain? 

Doesn't even begin to cover it, I'm apparently slightly dyslexic now too. I require people around me to finish my sentences for me and if you say something before I can get my thought out....whelp its gone. I also get overwhelmed and sidetracked VERY easily these days. I could go on....I've tried to put the almond milk in the microwave instead of the bottle, my glass of water in the fridge instead of the Brita ( which isn't that bad I guess), I had Peyton wearing her romper the wrong way for almost the whole day and it wasn't a new romper...I knew how to put it on! And for the record, the only reason I remember doing these is because I write them down in my notes...NOTES...a absolute necessity these days!


I attempted to go to the gym again (since my 15 minutes of gym time back in September) and alas...Peyton lasted 10 minutes. There were so many kids that I think she thought she was on a normal playground and kept calling for me since no one was paying attention to her. I know I know, I have to let her get used to it but I'm not paying $7 for 15 minutes until she does! Plus I was literally crying on the elliptical knowing that when I peaked in after the bathroom she was already calling for mommy and looking for me :(  It's just not for me!


I'm starting to get anxious because I know how fast my due date is going to come, I don't think the hubs is prepared for the difference this will make! He will be taking over a lot more duties especially the first few months...and this time I have to remind myself that I don't have to be superwoman.

Baby Movement? 

When I went in for my last appointment the doctor said "that's a chill baby" because the heart beat was at 145, as it has been since day 1. Peyton was 155-160 the whole pregnancy and boy does that shine true! lol

Best Moment This Week?  

I have a lot of these moments but I love taking a mental note of walking with Pey in hand and a belly full of gentle nudges and kicks...I'm trying to remember this pregnancy as much as I can and relish in these moments of "wow, I'm pregnant with another baby girl".

Looking Forward To? 

Seeing this baby girl, now more than ever I'm starting to wonder what little things she will share with her big sister...same color hair? EYES?! same big feet and long toes? lol I could go on and on...the magic of creating someone is really mind blowing sometimes!

Real Talk?

Vagina Carpal Tunnel....ya I said the same thing..."Whaaaa??". Apparently it IS a thing and when I told my doctor that the sensation I was feeling down there felt similar to Carpal Tunnel she said thats exactly what it was! Fun stuff right? For those who haven't experienced the wonderful tingly feeling of Carpal Tunnel, it feels like frost bite on your hands/fingers and you really think they might fall off. It gets soooo cold, numb and the pain is excruciating sometimes. Whelp, that same cold and numb feeling is what I feel down there every once in awhile and it is sooo uncomfortable! So for those that experience this...its normal and more likely to happen after your first child because the baby can slide lower down which presses on the nerves and cuts off blood flow. blah. Just something else to add to the list of "WTH no one told me's". You're welcome. 👌

As always I hope someone can relate!
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