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The MaliBrew Wedding | 11.20.16

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
It's finally happened!! I finally finished my blog about my wedding! I don't know why I've been procrastinating so much, oh wait ya because since then we've had a honeymoon, birthday, pregnancy, gender reveal party and now I'm just plain lazy at almost 30 weeks prego lol. Seriously though, sitting at a computer for a long time is super uncomfortable these days so I had to do it little by little. But I just had to share my wedding details, give tips and gush a little bit but more than anything share my favorite parts and pictures of the day!

First things first, for our wedding website I used Appycouple, which I loved because it was clean and easy to set-up.

We also decided to get an airbnb in Malibu to hold all of our immediate families (15 people) and it worked out perfectly!! The house was beautiful and provided great lighting. Rod and I also didn't get super traditional, we stayed together the night before with our Daughter and started the day together until the makeup team arrived.

The morning of the wedding I woke up wayyy to early to watch the sunrise and was planning to go back to sleep for a couple hours but then everyone started waking up! Even on my wedding day I'm not gonna be able to get rid of the mommy bags. 
Once everyone was up the makeup and hair started at 8am since the forecast showed it raining after 3pm and we would now have to do a first look if I wanted to get any pictures. Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the pictures! 
We finally arrived at the venue I think at 2ish because obviously we ran late and the limo was at the wrong address 20 minutes north! I have to say that I was super calm about everything and even my best friend said "who are you?" haha. On the day of I think you've done all you can to make everything how you want so really you have to shrug everything off as best you can and no more stress, I mean it was RAINING at my wedding!

Dress by Pronovias

The limo arrived and we passed all the men taking pictures and it was really hard not to look at my groom. Especially when his sisters were getting teary eyed over how handsome he looked! When I got out of the limo he was already set up on the cliff waiting for me and I was instantly filled with so many emotions and tears. I remember looking back at my bridesmaids and saying "oh my god!". He was my picture perfect knight in shining armor. I will always remember those feelings because I took a mental snapshot so I wouldn't forget.

Finishing the first look pictures and waiting in the restaurant for my que to start walking towards my Dad, I was super anxious. Anxious to walk down the aisle, anxious to see all of our close friends and family smiling, anxious to hurry up and be married to this man already!!

As I started walking I could hear my friend Tiffany Dunn and her friend singing our mashup song by Straight No Chaser called "I'm Yours/ Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and I've seriously been waiting to hear this song down the aisle since 2010! When I got closer to Rod, seeing him wipe his tears pretty much made my day, is that bad?? I really was hoping that he would be emotional because he very rarely is so it meant that much more!

After our pastor, who has known Rod since he was little,  gave a PERFECT heartwarming message, we were announced as Husband and Wife. Again, being very passionate about music, I clearly can remember going back down the aisle to Clean Bandit "Rather Be", which is a song that will always remind me of cruising down the Amalfi Coast in our little Fiat, since that's where we heard it for the first time. Needless to say, all of our songs we picked had a lot of thought/meaning behind them.

For the rest of the night and through all of the speeches I really tried to soak it in as best I could, the strings of hanging lights and pillars of candles was everything I wanted. By the end of the night I really turned into this 21 year old girl that didn't know how to drink alcohol and who didn't care about the rules!! Pretty sure I had countless Whiskey shots ( and I hate whiskey), a couple tequila shots and half a bottle of Ace that I shared with my hubs. We were the definition of lit. Anyone who knows me, knows I have four drinks and I'm wasted so I wasn't surprised when I woke up on the couch (husband in our room) and couldn't remember anything past getting into the limo while it was pouring rain 😂

I do have to say that there is a hilarious video out there of my sister in law and I performing the classic scene out of Dirty Dancing when the DJ played "The time of my Life" for our last song of the night (requested by me obviously).

There were so many stand out moments from our wedding and even the things that went wrong (only I would notice) all contributed to make this day/night so memorable. My wedding had everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier with all the memories I kept and all of the ones captured by video and pictures!

Finalllllly, here is our wedding video that I'm completely obsessed with by The FRVR
Photography: Natalie Schutt

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4 comments on "The MaliBrew Wedding | 11.20.16"
  1. I don't even know you but I just cried watching your video!! What a beautiful wedding!! And Peyton was soo precious!! Congratulations again!

    1. Thank you!! Sorry just reading this! We had an amazing videographer and a very special day :)

  2. Lorin...these photos are beautiful and I loved your video... Beautiful couple


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