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The Final Few Months Bumpdate

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Hey ladies...

So I skipped some months because it went by too fast but I still wanted to try to keep up with these so Piper and I can look back on them someday. I gotta start off by saying WHOA is there a huge difference between the way my body has reacted to 7 months versus 8-9 months, my body aches everywhere! I have a disc bulge in my lower back from a car accident a long time ago and let me tell you, it has flamed up my sciatica bad. Second or more pregnancies are no joke when they say everything is more intense lol. At 8 months I wore a dress that I wore to a wedding two years ago when I was pregnant with Peyton and I was 10 months exactly....welllll let's just say it was very tight and I didn't want to risk sitting down and popping a button!

It's been really busy over here with starting my photography business Lorin Kelly Photography and feeling extremely pregnant at the same as chasing around my terrible two'er. Every day at nap time I fight with myself on whether I want to work on photo edits or sleeeeeep!! Sometimes I don't have a choice and start falling asleep while editing 😏

Anywho, Can I just say my favorite part of these posts are the mother daughter pix and I have plenty from the last few months!

We'll start with a few of my favorite 28 weeks pictures!

- 32 Weeks -

- 38 Weeks -

- Growing -

Can we talk about the difference in size between Piper (above) at 39 weeks and Peyton (below) at 40 weeks?! Cause dannnnnng!!

How Far Along? 

38 weeks 5 Days 

Total Weight Gain?   

Right now I am at 21 lbs gained, passing my last pregnancy which was 16 lbs total gained. Yes I know that's still not a lot, I don't know why but I'm not asking questions!

Baby Brain? 

I keep telling my husband I have the memory of a goldfish and the bladder of a gerbil, so yes all the time. My most recent one, that I can remember, was when we were at a restaurant and I got a two taco combo. After finishing one of the tacos, which takes awhile when you are simultaneously feeding your child pasta because she will be covered in it if I don't, I went to reach for the other one and it was gone. So I'm obviously irritated as I ask my husband if he just really ate my taco?! He looked at me and said "you are joking right?" Which I still didn't catch on and proceeded with "What? did I say you could and I don't remember?!". Yaaaaa, no apparently I ate it. I'm still skeptical because I really just don't remember eating it and I was still hungry! lol


Whelp, I started having that feeling of guilt that everyone was talking about. Especially last night when I am pretty much finished with Pipers nursery and I realize I will never have this mother child love for just Peyton again, she will have to share me, that's so sad! But I also know I really am not taking or reducing my love, if anything I'm giving her, and I, more to love.

That feeling of guilt started a couple months ago, I started feeling so giddy about having another tiny fragile little baby in my arms soon. That's when it hit me, I was too excited about this new little baby, what does that mean?? what about Peyton? You start feeling guilty about being so excited for another child as if the one you have isn't good enough. Needless to say I cried and had to remind myself that it will all be so special....a new baby...a new big sister...a new family in a sense. So if you haven't had that feeling yet, I'm sure you will, you just have to wait for it to really hit you that your family is growing. Man, I hope I can handle it!

Baby Movement? 

So I thought Piper was a lot more chill then Peyton because she didn't move as much and had a much lower heartbeat (136 consistently and most recently 126!). I was wrong, come 8 months she just wanted to take off. I think the main difference between the both of them is that Peyton moved fast and aggressively. Whereas Piper moves slower but takes more time and moves for longer periods of time! It actually hurts now! If you've seen my IG story you will know what I mean.

Best Moment This Week? 

For me they all have to do with Peyton, the way she will just come up and say "Pipe-arrrr" while pushing on my belly is making my day these days. Or when she runs into Pipers nursery and says "baby sissy's room". 

Oh oh I got it, a heart fuzzy moment is when I was putting Peyton to sleep and I always tell her " I love you as high as the moon" because she is obsessed with saying she wants to go as high as the moon. Except this time she responded with " i love you mama". ahhhh, so special.
Sneak Peak of our family shoot with the amazing Natalie Schutt 💕
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