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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Happy New Year!!

One of my New Year resolutions intentions was to get back into writing on my blog and posting my experiences that will hopefully help mamas.

So I wanted to start with how life has been with two kiddos. Luckily Piper, my newborn, is my easiest babe right now. She is a much better sleeper than Peyton was and is starting to self soothe already. Which brings me to my first tip for new or expecting moms...

#Be a Second Time Mom, the First Time Around

This is mostly for my first time mommies but I think we can a chill when it comes to certain things. I literally have become that mom on the commercial where they show the first time mom with ALLL the gadgets and more (because you "need them" I know trust me) to the second time mom running out the door with a couple diapers/wipes and some cheerios lol. Some babies are just going to be harder than others but I also believe that you can help yourself out a lot more than you think. I'm not as scared of the world with my second, ie: using plastic coverings to stick on the table before your baby eats. With Peyton I would stress out if she dropped her binkie (which she did a lot because she hated binkies) and I would rush to grab a special "toy/paci wipe". As well as I would stress out every time she cried and thought I couldn't take a shower because I didn't want to put her down without someone right there to watch her. I soon figured out to bring her in the bathroom with me in her bassinet and I knew I had a good 2-3 minutes before she started fussing and another minute or so until she started crying. Peyton was high maintenance you could say but do you think we kind of do it to ourselves?? In my case I was a standard new mom who was scared and stressed about the possibility or sound of my daughter crying! The hormones don’t help at all either.

With the second child, I don't have a choice when it comes to letting my newborn cry for a minute because I have to take care of my oldest as well. This has made me less stressed to hear the sound of her cry, don't get me wrong I don't like to hear it, but I know it's ok. Now I'm not saying to let your baby cry but I guess what I'm saying is it is OK to finish up what you're doing and let her fuss for a little. I’m a lot more easy going when it comes to things out of my control, less stressed out and have taken ownership that I will always run behind when I have both kiddos in tow. This brings me to my next topic.

#Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

I can’t remember where I heard this but it was genius and so true. Being a mom of multiple kiddos it is so hard to get them ready and then feel like putting yourself together the way you would like too. I swear I’ve gone to the market so many times now with absolutely NO makeup (and no hat because I forgot I had no makeup), undone hair, sweats and a sweatshirt with my “outdoor”  slippers, while my kids are put together. Not gonna lie I'm OCD so I have to have certain things done and everything (mostly) clean before I leave the house so it makes it really hard to leave the house before 10:30-11 these days. This is without putting myself totally together too! I'm trying to get ready first though, it's a challenge since I would rather be doing other things. Prioritizing yourself is a huge problem with most mommies but so needed!

#Always Remind Yourself It Will Get Easier

Mom guilt is on a whole different level with two, they really weren't kidding. I didn't understand it at first but as soon as you start really getting into being a mom of two you start to feel it. Guilty that my child is only eating four things that I shuffle through for every meal ( she is also really picky) because I don't have time to start trying out new things and risking her not eating it. Guilty that she knows how to work my phone better than and now says its hers! Guilty that every time she wants a hug I seem to be holding baby sissy so I try to put her down for a minute just to be there. Guilty that she is still in diapers and I can't get to changing her as fast as I normally do, we need to potty train asap. Guilty that mommy and daddy don't read her as many books (maybe two short ones if she's lucky) at night because we are too exhausted and baby sissy is a handful at night. Honestly I can go on and on because then there is wife guilt of not being able to be the same wife as I was before ( making cooked meals at least 3 times a week) because it's too hard to go to the market as much and our kids need me more. I know all of this will get better and it will be more of an organized chaos, so the only thing I can do is to remind myself (and my hubby) that it will get easier eventually and that we are doing the best we can right now. The kids are happy so I try to focus on that! Easier said than done but trust that EVERY mom is having those same moments of feeling like they could/should be doing more.

I know there is more but if I wait to remember them, I'll never post! So I'm hoping to do this more as I go or figure out new things.

I wasn't going to have New Year Resolutions but a good friend of my mentioned setting intentions every month and I LOVE that. What is that saying that it takes 21 days to stop a habit and 21 days to implement something new? I've always remembered that so that is what I am doing. My intention for this month is setting certain days to work on my blog and hopefully it will become habit! So mommies, try doing this too! Whether your intention is cooking two meals a week this month or working out two days a week this month, it seems a lot more do able when broken down to that month and go from there.

Hope this helps some of you!
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